Slope in Shimoetsu, Niigata Prefecture, where you can ski on good snow / Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort



Date and time:Mid January 2018 / weather:Sunny after snowfall / Snow quality:Fresh snow

This time, I would like to introduce "Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort" in Niigata Prefecture, which seems to have many customers from Niigata City.

Mikawa Onsen ski resort in the morning

Fresh snow and sunny weather

Participants were "Shinji Sato" in Chuetsu, Niigata Prefecture, after heavy snowfall in Kaetsu. The weather forecast came out, so I went to this ski resort.

On the lift "Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort"

XNUMXth pair lift

XNUMXth pair Transfer to the XNUMXth pair lift to the top of the slope.Since it was after snowfall, I first aimed for non-compacted snow on the "dynamic course".Mikawa Local Everyone was also aiming for this course in the morning. A word from the local, "You've come on a pretty good day."

Drop it on the course after seeing off the local.The snow was good, the slope was good, and the terrain made me feel excited from the morning.

Non-compacted snow course Mikawa Onsen ski resort

Dynamic course entrance

Non-compacted snow course Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort XNUMX

It was the best powder.

Non-compacted snow course Mikawa Onsen ski resort XNUMX

Shinji gliding freely on non-compacted snow

Non-compacted snow course Mikawa Onsen ski resort XNUMX
Satisfied with the dynamic course, move on to the next course, the pendulum course.This course seems to be fun from the name.However, on this day, it was fresh snow and there was too much snow, and there was a step between the wall and the compressed snow.disappointing.

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Frico Course

"Pendulum course" with steps on the left and right due to heavy snow

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Frico Course 2

Shinji forcibly enters the wall

I watched a normal video of the "Pendulum Course" uploaded by Mr. Local on Youtube later.It seemed to be fun to shake with a good feeling.

And from "Pendulum course" to "Romance course"

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Romance Course

Enjoy the wall that continues from the "pendulum course"

The open barn of "Rabbit Course" & "Lakeside Slope" has a wide slope and a wide range.The tension that has been rising since the morning is mellow with this open burn.It was a pleasant snow-packed burn.

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Rabbit Course

Rabbit course

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Lakeside Slope

Lakeside slopes

Next to the romance course was the trace of a halfpipe. 

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Halfpipe Remains

The circled part is the site of the half pipe.I couldn't enter because the step seemed to be severe.

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort

The slope of the lower part of the Mikawa Onsen ski resort slope is gentle.So, speed up the edge pow. I enjoyed the "flower course".

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Flower Slope
The "main slope" is on the last slope, with walls on both sides.Click here for the last cut of the video and the rider's application.

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Main SlopeThe regular wall first, hard to see, but the Goofy wall in the back

There were many lines on the regular wall, so it was a Goofy wall, and Shinji seemed to be comfortable.

Mikawa Onsen Ski Resort Main Slope 2

The sun is late.The snow on the wall is preserved.

Riding relaxedly at the bottom of the ski resort from tension MAX with non-compacted snow in the morning.In the morning, there was a lot of shade in the fresh snow, and I enjoyed the fresh snow for a long time.Mikawa Onsen ski resort where you can enjoy skiing with heavy snow due to the terrain.If you have a chance, please come!


You can also watch videos of ski resorts all over the country.I strongly recommend you see it~
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