Comfortable sound quality that can be used in Skullcandy's new experience and action scenes.Moreover, it is GOOD that is super reasonable !!

Music is indispensable to our lives.While riding on a snowboard, on your way to work, your own free time, what sounds do you enjoy the moment with?Headphones are an important item there.The Bluetooth wireless earphones, which have a high degree of freedom, are already a must-have item, but I feel that wireless is an item that is a perfect match depending on the application, and that it may be unexpectedly difficult to use.

 Skullcandy JIB +
This time, I checked a new work called Jib + released by Skullcandy, which is familiar to people who love horizontal seaweed. Skullcandy has a very powerful sound and I like it very much.I love Crusher Wireless headphones at home and love listening to my favorite music at high volume.That deep bass is my favorite bass, so I definitely don't want the sound to be cheap even with wireless earphones.Check out Jib + with such a little discerning ear.
Jib + is said to have improved the sound quality while making the popular Jib Wireless as an entry model even more reasonable.The price is as low as 2,760 yen (excluding tax), but the sound is pretty cool.The sound is very clear and easy to hear, especially the outline of the vocals is clear.It's very comfortable to listen to, and I want to increase the volume unintentionally.In addition, there are sports fins that are useful in active scenes, which can be removed.You can use it to your liking.And after all, the place where water resistance is applied is GOOD.Even if it gets a little wet, it won't rush.It's made solid overall, and it feels tough.
Anyway, at this reasonable price, sufficient performance.Moreover, the special design unique to Skullcandy.It is the best of the best to use it comfortably in various scenes.

Feel the design of Skullcandy to the smallest detail
Easy investigation at hand.Moreover, it is waterproof for daily life !!

Jib +
color: Red, Blue, Black
price: 2,780 yen


Skullcandy Indy
Another thing I checked was the new completely wireless model Indy.
It was my first experience with a stand-alone earphone without a cord, but there was no omission that I was worried about, and it fits snugly and is very comfortable.The volume is perfect and the sound spreads comfortably.The operation can be performed with the touch sensor on the back of the earphone on which the skull logo is drawn.Touch the right earphone twice to play / stop, press and hold the left earphone for 2 seconds to return to the previous song, and so on.When you receive a call, just touch the right earphone twice and it's OK.Furthermore, since it has IP2 grade dustproof and waterproof functions, there is no need to worry about using it in outdoor scenes.The suggested retail price is 2 yen (excluding tax).I am happy that the price range is easy to reach for a full wireless earphone.This model is for those who have never used full wireless earphones yet.

Power supply starts automatically when you put it in the case.With a charging case, the maximum driving time is 16 hours and there is no need to worry about running out of charge. It can be used for 10 hours with a 1.2-minute charge.
You can check the remaining power of the case by checking the number of lamps.3% if there are 100 lamps left, 2% if 70 lamps, 1% if 30 is.
Compact design that is convenient to carry.You can put the whole case in your pocket and carry it anywhere.

Colour: Black
price: 9,980 yen

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