Ski resort close DAY-2, snow cross and buds of cherry blossoms at an altitude of 1,040m ...

The ski area is temporarily closed for 4 days from April 25th (Monday) to 28th (Thursday) in order to maintain the slopes of the "Rainbow 4 upper part" along the 2nd quad lift. (Day 3500)
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.
I'm steadily carrying snow to the slopes little by little.
Business will resume from April 2016, 4 (Friday).
A photo was taken today in front of the "Snow Cross" that was maintained yesterday.
I love boards and skiing!I met on the slopes!Why don't you re-run a commemorative photo in the snow scene of Grandeco Snow Resort?The matching of "wedding dress" and "white snow" is wonderful.
In addition, I found only one flowering cherry tree in the cherry blossoms around the plateau resort "Hotel Grandeco", which is over 1,040m above sea level.
As I counted down, it became a Don Pisha forecast for Golden Week starting this weekend.
[Sakura information of Hotel Grandeco at an altitude of 1,040m] will be posted every day, so please check it out.