The snow quality is different at the Grandeco Ski Resort, which is 1,590m above the top of the ski resort!

The fastest in Tohoku.Opening one of the fastest in Japan

Grandeco Ski Resort

The 20-21 season kicks off.Check out the Grandeco Ski Resort, which opened on December 12th, the fastest in Fukushima Prefecture, while ski resorts are open all over the country due to this big cold wave.About 6 minutes from the Ban-etsu Expressway Inawashiro Interchange.The amount of snow that is completely different from the lower bound.That should be it, the area around Grandeco where the slope top is located at 50 m is the place where the snow accumulates most in this area.Moreover, because the temperature is low, you can meet the best snow quality throughout the season as "Kamiyuki".By the way, the temperature this morning was -1,590 ℃.Even the wind that passes through the face mask pierces the cheeks.But because of this temperature, the snow quality is the best.It will take some time to fully open, but the powder on the side of the main course is enough.Moreover, there are many points to play because the terrain is quite exposed.If you look inside the center course with a total length of 12m, you will find a treasure trove of play.Of course, there is snow pressure in the middle of the course, so you can do anything with gratri or carving.While the course is scheduled to open in stages in the future, please enjoy the Grandeco specialty "Kamiyuki".

Various charms are condensed in the fashionable center house.
That ice cream shop will also open from this year

Functional and fashionable center house
Main restaurant with a rich menu

The center house located at the bottom of the slope is functional and fashionable, and it is so high quality that you can't think of it as a ski resort.The center corridor has a sweet scent from Marion crepe that makes you want to eat it after slipping, and you want crepe before slipping.I am glad that Thirty One Ice Cream is also opening from this year.However, the charm of Grandeco is the cafeteria.This is the main restaurant with a wide variety of menus.Speaking of Aizu area, Kitakata ramen!The shops in Kitakata City have a wide variety of menus, including the salt ramen "Golden Sio Ramen" supervised by "Kiichi" who can always line up.There is also a cafe counter in the middle of the cafeteria, which offers beer, coffee, and special cakes, so it's easy to use for a short break.

Month24Only by the day!
What a metropolitan area(Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama)Only for
23 ~ 29Even the old one was only on weekdays500Circle!

Until the 24th, people aged 23 to 29 can slip for only 500 yen on weekdays!

Active limited to those born between April 1991, 4 and April 2, 1998 and living in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama (those born between April 4, 1 and April 3, 4). A great deal for people in their 2s. During the season from December 10, 4 to December 1, 20, ski resorts in Fukushima Prefecture can be purchased anywhere on weekdays with a one-day ticket of 2020 yen.Very easy to use.Download "yukiyama", an app dedicated to snowy mountains, and bring your ID with a photo to the ski resort.Launch the app and check in at your current ski resort.Then a coupon will come out, so all you have to do is show it and buy a ticket.No matter how many times you use it in the season, it's 12 yen, so you can enjoy it in Fukushima repeatedly during the first slip period.