Short summer Asami Hirono blog

 It's been a long time (^ ω ^)

I didn't know how to write a blog after switching to the iPhone 6,

It was surprisingly easy to write if I set it for the first time in a long time today ( ̄ ▽  ̄)

I'm in New Zealand now (^ ω ^)

I want to write a blog when I'm abroad, so I thought I'd write it now ^ ^

Before that, I would like to upload photos of the summer memories I had accumulated before coming to New Zealand ♪


 Sunflower field in Toyama.At Sakuragaike Qua Garden, it seems that you can walk from Sakuragaike SA on the Tokai Hokuriku Road to see it ^ ^ It seems that Obon is in full bloom, so by all means ♡

  I went to the bridge festival in my local Mizuhashima with Kings members and my family ♡

The sunset was very beautiful ♡  

  The lanterns are also washed away and it is beautiful.

 Fireworks from the bridge!

The fireworks I saw with my friends were even more beautiful and the best ^ ^  
My dog ​​Leo, Haku also went to Kings to play

I made friends of the same color (two in the foreground).

The same Chihuahua but completely different in size

I was keenly aware of how my mother spoiled me and gave me human food.Lol

I'm a demon and don't give human food

My mother always gives it.Be careful of my mother

Because it's cute.When.

Thanks to Haku's nickname

CoroCoro peanuts.


  I want you to live longer!

to be continued.