Second time today

The second blog update a day that doesn't happen in the middle ☆

Today, I walked around in this hot central Tokyo.

The purpose is to go to the company of the manufacturer who has my support.

Even so, it was hot today.

I used to say that today's Tokyo is XNUMX degrees.

Maybe I came to Chiba at a bad time (laughs)

But let's get up early tomorrow and run without being overwhelmed by this heat ♪

First of all, I went to PHENIX (wear brand XNIX) today.

After a long time, I met Mr. Aoki and talked to him first.

Then, for some reason, the topic of Fumio.

Mr. Aoki, when I came to Hokkaido for work about XNUMX weeks ago and climbed a mountain, it seems that Fumio was there and climbed the mountain together (laughs).

It's a great coincidence.

Mr. Aoki told me that you are brothers, but they don't look like you at all (laughs).

After the excitement in the small talk, I talked about my activity report of this season and the movement of the next term ☆

After that, I went to BUTON (goggles brand ANON).

We will sign a contract with ANON next season ☆

Thanking you in advance.

Later, I asked Kosuke for various advice as a father of two children.

Thank you very much.

After that, I went to YTS (watch brand NIXON).

Well, the road to YTS was difficult.

I heard that it took XNUMX minutes to walk from BURTON to the YTS company, so I tried walking, but it was really hard because of this heat.

When I arrived at YTS, the T-shirt was pretty shocking.

Mr. Nishikawa, I'm sorry for the sweaty smell (laughs)

Thank you for your watch and T-shirt ☆

I wrote the title of this blog for the second time today, but it's past midnight (laughs)