Safely returned to Nagano

Actually, the day before I returned from San Francisco, I learned that I had forgotten my passport, and Gabe can't help it, so I'll take him to San Jose.When.But he said that he had forgotten his important jacket and sent it to Japan.There was something like that.

There is no no-miss journey. w

This trip was quite ecological.

241 shots from Baker's Banked Slalom, from Flow, from Jackson Hole, Alaska, Santa Cruz, Norway, San Francisco,

It was ecological that I didn't stay at the hotel for 3 months and I didn't sleep on the sofa.All thanks to connections and friends.Repeated encounters and farewells.The number of friends I meet twice a year has increased.


Mountains of Nagano

What will I do first when I get home?I thought it was downhill with my friends on MTB.And I went to SUP to the Sea of ​​Japan,

Then, I went to Matsumoto's Nagisa Orthopedic Clinic, which takes care of my body.

I was worried about my knees in Jackson, and I had a treatment to restore the condition of my neck and the function of the autonomic nerves that were down due to repeated movements.

Travis Rice also has a teacher who took him when he hurt his back and called him a magic hand.It cures both headaches and Gritcho.

The Toyoda Ichihashi Shita World Music Festival was a wonderful festival like the crystals of Japanese tradition and counterculture.

The photo is a dumpling shop that usually works normally.This is amazing on the trailer!Mike Basic must also be aggravated

Mountain walk with Mr. Zehi, representative of Prana Punks

SUP Camp!

I like the bonfire

Gopro shot

SIC is a Maui brand

Get a more surf board

I'm really looking forward to it

Paddle also upgraded to new carbon

When the snow melts, go to the sea, the same as water

If so 

If you can live by mixing that cycle and society well, it's a good idea.

I'm fortunate enough to be a professional snowboarder now, so I have to live as hard as I can to continue training and it's great for people, sponsors, family and friends who are fun and supportive. I am grateful.