Ryuoo Grand Party ~ Gratri's Feast ~ March 2015, 3 (Sun): Ryuoo Ski Park

Anyone who likes Gratley!
Ryuo Grand Party ~ Gratri's Feast ~ Held on Sunday, March 2015, 3!

Organizer: Ryuoo Ski Park
Sponsor: TORQREX, MAX, Shinshu Sun Corporation
Date: 2015 Year 3 Month 8 Day (Sunday)
Location: Ryuoo Ski Park V3 Slope
Average slope 15 degrees Maximum slope 20 degrees
Two waves will be installed
Competition content: Grand trick
Competition method: Qualifying JAM session 2 finals (best run method)

Schedule: 8:30 Reception starts
10: 00-12: 00 Qualifying JAM session
12: 00-13: 00 Course maintenance, lunch
13: 00-15: 00 Final
15: 30-16: 00 Award Ceremony @ Crystal Garden

Category: General boys, General girls
Recruitment: 30 boys, 30 girls

Eligibility: Anyone who likes Gratley is welcome!

Men and women: Top 3 people with special prizes

judge:? ?? ??
MC :? ?? ??

Participation fee: 3,000 yen

① Digi entry http://dgent.jp/e.asp?no=1500140
② Local reception (Ryuoo Ski Park Bus Center XNUMXnd floor) * You can enter on the day.
③ Shop application

Contact:Ryuoo Ski Park
Ryuo Kogen, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture 381-0405
Tel: 0269-33-7131 / Fax: 0269-33-6166


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