Repezen Hida Takayama, unconventional NEW crew "NORULE"


Repezen Hida Takayama's crew gathered with the momentum of riders NORULE
They started to move in earnest from this season, and the crew members are Ryuji Takai, Shogo Takai, Taisuke Itaya, Shingo Itaya, and Daichi Matsushita.

The scene of Hida Takayama where next-generation riders are excited.
As the name of NORULE such as BC and street, their unconventional movement

We want to send our snowboarders from the land of Hida Takayama.
Of course, while enjoying snowboarding.

This year's part is the first part, which was completed after a lot of hard work due to light snow.

NORULE = unconventional
I want to pay attention to their movements