Professional contract with megabass.

I pushed the stamp to a professional contract with megabass.

I am very happy to see the charisma and future efforts with global brands.

Professionals in their 20sSnowboarderIn my 30s, I started MofM and my activities are mainly in Tokyo, and in my 40s, I would like to further expand the range of expression as a megabass professor.

What is professional activity?ノ ノ ー ボ ーThe experience of the times is put to good use.

* Overwhelmingly good.

* Being a pioneer.
* There is a style.
* Fascinates people.
* Influence.
* There is a sense.
* I'm crazy about going beyond my liking.
* Decide when deciding.


The hurdles are high and it is a steep road.I know it well.
It's interesting to stay motivated and face the pressure.


Also, at the age of XNUMX, your brain and wisdom will increase.
I'm looking forward to initiatives that make use of not only the amount of exercise but also the experience as a clothing designer.

In my 40s, I'm going to make a new start.

From Fukuyama in the Minakami mountain stream.

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*Designers Masakazu Fukuyama / Profile
99/00 JSBAChubu district tournament victory,99/00 JSBAAll Japan ChampionshipVictory.01年度ノ ノ ー ボ ーInternational competitionX-TRAIL JAM in Tokyo Dome Quarter Pie Japanese Invited Player21Among people1Place,Big Air2Place,
Leave good results such as advancing to the finalNIKE,TIME-X, DC SHOE COUSAWait10Concluded a contract with the company as a tops no board rider10Active for a year.
At the same time, after working mainly in fashion magazines as a model for men's nonno, smart, popeye, etc., he taught himself clothes.MofMStarted working as a designer and continues to the present.
April 2016, 4 Signed a formal professional contract with megabass and further expanded the range of activities as a mountain stream professional fisher.





MofM Director & Snowboarder: Moved from Tokyo to Minakami, Gunma, with the aim of creating new, realistic clothing that immediately reflects what you experienced in nature in your designs.Mountains, mountaineering, mountain stream fishing, snowboarding, fashion, and living in nature every day at an altitude of 1000m in Minakami to further improve myself.