From DEELUXE & UNION, premium items to liven up the snow season of this season are now available!

Limited item release of 5 popular models realized by the brand's willingness to liven up the Japanese snow season greeted by the corona.While maintaining the recognized performance, it has a special design and is sold only in Japan, and the quantity is also limited.If you want to use this special item, hurry to the shop!

A must-see for snowboarders who want to set themselves apart from others

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, lifestyles have changed and there is a need to move forward while exploring new forms.Meanwhile, as a result of thinking "Is there anything I can do as a brand?" By Custom Produce, a distributor that handles DEELUXE and UNION, I decided to release a limited number of Japan Limited early models from these two brands. ..
From DEELUXE, there are 3 models, "ID TEAM LTD TF", "ID TEAM TF" and "ID DUAL BOA PF".These three models are the "ID" that won the first place in the freestyle boots category of "-The latest gear I want to recommend to users- BEST GEAR AWARD" decided by voting of shops nationwide in the planning of the FREERUN catalog issue this term. It is a very popular model based on.
This time Japan Limited is a special specification with a high-impact logo on the toe part.Boots with this logo that were worn by domestic and foreign riders last season and were talked about.Originally, 2021/2022 was scheduled to be announced, but it will be released only in Japan this term ahead of schedule.
And from UNION, Japan limited version of 1 models of "TEAM STRATA" which also won the 3st place in the freestyle binding category of the above-mentioned FREERUN "BEST GEAR AWARD" and "TEAM FORCE" which won the 2rd place is released early. ..These two models, which are popular among the brands, incorporate the Japanese flag and the word JAPAN.LTD into the design, and the high back has a cool Japanese special specification that expresses the UNION logo in black and white colors.
The two brands arrived at the announcement of this early model at a rapid pace, hoping that it would be a bright topic for the season.While maintaining the performance of the product selected by the shop without any mistakes, the original logo and design give it a special personality, and it is sold in limited quantities at snowboard shops nationwide.If you're a snowboarder who wants to set you apart from others, these Japan Limited will definitely be a super valuable alternative.We hope you enjoy snowboarding with these specially designed undercarriage gear this winter.


Outstanding operability makes it easy to do tricks!

Inner type: Thermo inner
Color: Bloodline
Size: 24.5 ~ 28.5cm
Price: ¥ 45,000 (excluding tax)


Lightweight and tight ankles for a good response!

Inner type: Thermo inner
Color: Black
Size: 24.5 ~ 28.5cm
Price: ¥ 43,000 (excluding tax)
The biggest feature of the C3 racing system is that it can handle any situation in detail, and because it holds the ankle firmly and there is little loss, it is easy to operate and style no matter where you slide.The skate flex sole, which is sensitive to the sole of the foot, is very easy to walk on, and the heel part has a special material called SLYTECH built-in, which is excellent in shock absorption.High heat retention due to the thermo block inside the outer.Suitable for snowboarders who prefer jib gratri park freestyle.Japan Limited has a high-impact logo on the toes.The LTD, which has a prominent red color, is equipped with a double power belt, which makes it possible to adjust the flex more.

Equipped with DUAL BOA based on the popular ID!

Inner type: Performance inner
Color: Black
Size: 25.0 ~ 27.5cm
Price: ¥ 49,000 (excluding tax)
The front BOA (H4 coiler) is fastened from the ankle to the upper part, and the side BOA (M3v2) is fastened to the instep, making it an excellent model that anyone can easily put on and take off.Although it is soft flex, it has good operability and is easy to put out a style.The soft skate flex sole with a sharp sole feel is very easy to walk, and SLYTECH is installed on the heel to improve shock absorption.High heat retention due to the thermo block inside the outer.Compatible with jib park freestyle and all-round.Japan Limited has a high-impact logo on the toes.

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A well-balanced model with responsiveness to the operability of the minidisc!

Color: Black Limited
Size: M (26.0-28.0cm)
Price: ¥ 38,000 (excluding tax)
A new ankle strap that further utilizes the cant performance.And mix responsive operability in the degree of freedom.The combination of a mini disc and a rubber bushing with excellent shock absorption brings a moderate looseness, but it is characterized by an exquisite balance that supports sharp sliding in a wide range from low to high speed.Since it contains a cant, it is possible to step on the board firmly, and it corresponds to every situation.

Suitable for any situation!A long-selling model that continues to evolve!

Color: Black Limited
Size: M (26.0-28.0cm)
Price: ¥ 36,000 (excluding tax)
In high-speed sliding and hard conditions, the responsiveness unique to regular discs stands out, and the well-balanced fitting of lightness, flexibility, and strap properties supports free movement at medium and low speeds.Thanks to Kant, it is easy to step on, and it is useful for achieving high operability regardless of the situation.This season's NEW FORCE mixes responsive operability with freedom.

Japanese flag is designed on the heel cup
The ratchet part also adopts the Hinomaru color
The high back is also engraved with the letters "UNION TEAM JAPAN. LTD" (STRATA is white, FORCE is black).

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