Introducing the next generation board for enjoying powder, freeriding, park, and all styles: NOVEMBERsnowmaterial_MOUNTAINFOX

NOVEMBER has released the popular boards ``DX4'' and ``D4'' into the freestyle scene, including the high-performance park and all-round model ``ARTISTE'' and the high-end model ``DESIRE'' in grator and jib.
The superior quality of "MADE IN JAPAN" in addition to the outstanding board manufacturing technology that has been accumulated over many years of research and development has attracted many snowboarders, and NOVEMBER's lineup has been highly trusted.

At first glance, NOVEMBER has a strong image of being a freestyle board, but they also have an attractive lineup of freeriding boards such as ``ICECAT'' and ``BACKCITY'' that allow you to enjoy powder to the fullest.
The concept of each model is unique and attracts a lot of attention, but this season a model with even more noteworthy performance was born.

The newly released "MOUNTAINFOX" was born by combining the performance of "WHITELIVE", which is based on a carving model that has steadily evolved over the years, and "ARTFRDM", an all-mountain model that is compatible with powder and is based on a freestyle model. .
If you're going for powder, you'll thoroughly enjoy the fluffy floating feeling, and if you're going for compacted snow, you'll enjoy the feeling of speed with the pleasantly edgy carving turns.If there is terrain or a park in front of you, you can perform tricks in your own style.
This is a super versatile board that you can enjoy to the fullest no matter the condition or situation.

It uses an all-mountain camber that features a gently rising nose kick that combines buoyancy and repulsion performance in powder, and uses ULTRA LIGHT FM2CORE for the core, which provides an ultra-light swing weight and easy maneuverability.
Inheriting the characteristic tail of ARTFRDM, the outline is slightly wider and reinforced with carbon strings to bring out strong repulsive force.It produces sufficient edge grip and is stable even at high speeds, ensuring comfortable carving turns.

Another thing to note is the use of a versatile hole pattern.Depending on the binding settings, you can use a zero setback position and a freeride position with setback.
You can enjoy changing MOUNTAINFOX's performance by changing the settings, whether you want controllable operability like a twin tip, or the buoyancy of powder or stability at high speeds.

MOUNTAINFOX is your best partner who will always satisfy your "desires" at any time.
Why not try the next generation of snowboarding with the new MOUNTAINFOX?
NOVEMBER snowmaterial
SIZE: 144, 148 (Unisex), 150, 154, 158 (Men's)
PRICE: ¥ 108,900

Adopts AMT (all mountain) camber that covers a wide range from carving to powder running.Adopts a full camber structure with high running performance, high repulsion performance, and provides excellent stability in any situation.

The nose kick that rises gently brings out stable gliding performance in powder.

Adopts a versatile hole pattern that allows for a variety of settings.Can be set to 0 setback position, also suitable for park riding with full style.

Introducing ``High Power Carbon String'', a reinforcing material containing carbon string, to strengthen the repulsive force of the entire board.Brings out excellent carving performance

Perfectly finished graphite sole.This is the secret to the highest level of glide.

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