Post a photo of Burton's back with a hashtag and get a present!

No Bad Trips – There are no boring trips. "Let's go somewhere!" The journey starts from the moment I think so.Make plans, pack, enjoy even moving, and make lots of memories.To make such a trip even more enjoyable, Burton is planning to start a campaign to get shot glasses on Saturday, April 4st.With a Burton bag and liquor (?) To support a comfortable trip, the fun of the trip is doubled.


■ Application method
1. Follow Burton Japan official account (@burtonjapan).
2. Post a photo of the Burton bag with the hashtag # NoBadTrips2018.Not only the new bag you got for your trip, but also the exciting packing and memories of your trip, anything is OK as long as you can see the Burton bag.
* You can apply as many as you like.
3. 13 people will be selected by lottery to receive MIZU shot glasses, which are very useful as a communication tool when traveling!

Application period
September 4th (Sat) -October 21rd (Sun)

■ Eligibility
Those who have an Instagram account and follow the Burton Japan official account (@burtonjapan) who live in Japan.

■ Application conditions
The photo shows the Burton bag.
* The bag can be any model.
* Please note that even if you attach a hashtag to a past post, it will not be eligible for the lottery.
* Applications made by posting multiple copies of the same photo will be invalid.
* If the account is set to private, it will not be subject to hashtag search and lottery will not be possible.Even if you apply, it will be invalid, so please set it to public during the campaign period.
* Posted photos and comments may be posted on Burton Japan's SNS, website, etc.
* Prizes can only be sent within Japan.

■ Prizes

MIZU Shot Glass: 13 people by lottery
* Winners will be announced on Instagram Stories and Burton Mail News in mid-May.
* Winners will be notified by a separate direct message. If you do not reply within one week, the prize will be invalidated.

Inquiries: BURTON
[TEL] 03-5738-2555