Updated popular girls model "PRISM GIRL" _ALLIAN

Reshaped nose and tail to reduce swing weight


Size: 140, 142, 145cm
Price: ¥ 77,000 (tax included)

PRISM GIRL has supported the slipping of many girls professional riders for a long time.The model, which is also popular with girls snowboarders who are pursuing sharp carving and learning high-level tricks, will be updated.
The big change is the reshape of the nose and tail.Thanks to that, the swing weight is lighter than before, the number of spins in jumps is increased, and it enables light board handling in jibbing and gratri.Severe board control is indispensable if you aim to be an advanced freestyle player.At that time, the lightness of the board when riding should be a weapon.The fastest and strongest girls board has been completed.

PRISM GIRL also has a 6mm single camber structure like the men's PRISM series.
Reshaped nose and tail
Changed to a slightly angular shape instead of a round shape.Swing weight became lighter by scraping off unnecessary parts to the limit
The sole of Nanocarbon 999 runs amazingly!
The high-molecular-weight, high-density sintered carbon-based sole has been well received by many snowboard shop staff, saying that "ALLIAN's board runs very well."

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