Polish yourself & Colorado

It's been a long time (^ ω ^)

I'm coming to Colorado for a national team training camp ✌︎

I went to Austria for a week during this time, but I was exhausted because I was too busy with my schedule and I got sick (T ^ T).

It was an American training camp less than a week after I returned to Japan, so I took a little rest ^ ^

 Polish yourself in Tokyo before you leave.

I had the distortion healed at the Baltrainer.

It seems that it was distorted a lot www

So I dyed my hair at a hair salon called syan in Harajuku ^ ^

The girl on the right is a high school classmate and is working hard as a beautician.In the soft tennis club, I was the director and she was the deputy director I could rely on (^ ω ^)

It looks like I'll be a stylist a little more!I've been doing my best since I was an apprentice, so I'm happy and looking forward to it! !! !!

  I also got a UV protection treatment ♡

Thank you (^ ω ^) Let's do our best together!
Next, I used nail and eyelash extensions at Shibuya Corazon ^ ^

Fall / Winter Nail ♡ Thank you ♡


Then we joined everyone and arrived in the United States.

I prepared the condition without slipping for two days!

The time difference is 16 hours different from Japan, and Colorado is a highland area, so it's easy to get sick.

It was my first slip today ^ ^ It was fun! !! !!