Outstanding operability, the strongest park board that raises the make-up rate of tricks "

Sizes: 143, 148, 151, 154
Price: ¥ 85,000

With the success of Yuto Totsuka, who went up to the podium one after another in the top scene where the world powerhouses of halfpipe gathered in the previous season, the ability of YONEX snowboarding is now transmitted to the world and is attracting attention from many snowboarders.The highest level of carbon graphite technology supports that ability.Starting from the development of the material, the core can be freely designed, and the angle at which the carbon fiber is woven is changed to change the properties such as partial reinforcement and repulsive force. The technical capabilities of snowboarding, which we have been making for over 20 years, have now reached the point where we can accurately embody the performance required by riders.And what appeared is a new model called "STYLAHOLIC" that demonstrates outstanding performance with various tricks centered on the park.YONEX has adopted a new structure for this model in order to increase the rotation, repulsion, and stability required for tricks.
It is the introduction of ISOMETRIC TIP that expands the sweet area of ​​the nose and tail (area with excellent repulsive force) that plays an important role as a fulcrum of tricks based on the effect of STOMP-TECH 3.0 that reduces the swing weight and enhances controllability. ..As you can see at a glance from the board shape, the tip area has been expanded by 2018% compared to the conventional model (STYLE 2019/17).Furthermore, the board itself is very light, and while it has an outline that is easy to handle even in normal slope cruising, the tip part has a unique shape with a large area.This novel shape enhances the performance of all tricks.The wide tip of the sweet area demonstrates its power in parks, jib, ground tricks, and various board handling.With a large repulsive force on the board, you can store power, use the power to pop up higher, butter tricks, hit items, gain advantages in various movements, and overwhelming stability even when landing a jump. Gives a feeling.A board with the performance that greatly supports the rider's own skill improvement.It is said that this excellent performance has already been highly evaluated by many riders at new model test drive events in various places.

Ryo Aizawa

"When jumping, the board is firmly attached to the preceding movement of the upper body, and even if the axis collapses when setting high rotation, the balance is not lost and it can be rotated stably. The ease of ollie is also outstandingly good. , It reacts properly even when you apply an ollie while losing balance a little. It is easy to stabilize because the nose and tail with a large area firmly catch the snow surface even when landing. "

The effects such as the ease of ollie and the stability of landing brought about by STYLAHOLIC's unique tip are very large.
The camber shape is easy to ride, but the nose and tail have a sharp tip, which makes it easy to handle any trick.

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