Okenashiyama (former Arai Resort) charm rediscovery tour

Okenashi's charm rediscovery tour

Arai Resort closed the curtain in 2006 while being missed by many people.
I want to slide that mountain again!
I want to see that view of the coastline of the Sea of ​​Japan seen from Mt. Okenashi!
This is a limited-time project that embodies that feeling.
Why don't you ask this mountain again ...?
We will guide you to the place where you can see that scenery by snow car.

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Okenashiyama charm rediscovery tour



A trip to rediscover Okenashiyama on a snow car

Every hour from early morning, a snowmobile will guide you to another world where you can see the coastline of the Sea of ​​Japan at an altitude of 1,030m.
You don't have to be a skier or snowboarder to enjoy it.Why don't you go see that scenery of nostalgic memories?

Date: 2015 days from Saturday, March 3, 14 to Sunday, March 2015, 3
There are 8 flights every hour between 30:13 and 30:1.

Meeting place: Log Sanso Primavera
XNUMX Ryozenji, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
Google Map
Fee: 8:30 First flight XNUMX yen
9: 30 ~ 13: 30 Each flight XNUMX yen
Capacity: XNUMX people for each flight / XNUMX flights a day (minimum number of people for each flight is XNUMX people)
(* 14 flights operated at 30:XNUMX depending on weather conditions)


Club field Myoko