Ver5.1.0, which implements the off-season posting function "OFF POST" in the yukiyama app, has been released, and has been reborn as a service that allows you to share information with your friends in the snowy mountains even during the summer!

The ski resort information app "yukiyama" has released version 5.1.0, an iPhone version & android version of the yukiyama app, which implements a function "OFF POST" that allows you to post the latest status and photos on the timeline without checking in.

Until now, you could only post to the timeline when you "checked in" to the ski resort, but with this update, you can post even in the off-season.
The contents are gear, off-training, home activities, body building, and of course, things that are not related to skiing or snowboarding are OK!You can keep up with your ski and snowboard buddies during the off-season.

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The reason for the development of the "OFF POST" function is that due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), measures such as temporary closure and early closure of business have been taken at many ski resorts, forcing the season to go out in the middle of the spring season. I have.
In response to a request for self-restraint, after thinking about what the yukiyama app can do for skiers and snowboarders spending time at home, the development of the OFF POST function called "#House de yukiyama" can be prioritized. It was judged and it seems that it led to the release.