No way upside down

Yamanashi Shizuoka training camp 4th day.
Misaka.Aoyama 704 also participated!

Because I trained at Fuji-Q,
I feel like I'm used to speed and G!Lol


TOMBOY won't close without Mr. Yoyo.

I wanted Naoyo to experience screaming too lol


Speaking of Misaka, Taj Mahal curry.

Curry, naan, drink
Free replacement for 890 yen.

Besides, it's really good!


Yuki Ota, a fellow ogasaka, also participated! !!What an important life in Yuki-chan's stomach! !! !!

Everyone tried hard to come up with a name,

I couldn't think of it,


"Happy Ginjiro"

I think the name is good.

Yano Happiness Ginjiro-kun.

Yes.It's pity.Lol

I'm looking forward to seeing my baby!


I love the members of TOMBOY who are not high-flying cars.

Asuka's face and bee.


Halfpipe is also fun.I want to be an all-rounder.

Look straight at the snowboard.