No need to put on or take off gloves, neoprene snowboard for comfort in early spring

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Waterproof zipper placement at the calculated position.You can easily put your hands in and out of the gloves, and you can actually use your hands in every scene, not to mention the operation of devices such as smartphones and cameras.Since it is not necessary to remove the joint between the snow jacket and the glove each time the glove is attached or detached, the risk of loss when attaching or detaching the glove is eliminated as well as reducing the intrusion of snow at the joint.
An innovative glove that expands user freedom while maintaining the warmth of the hands when riding.
The LIGHT WEIGHT model is a low class model of HAND OUT GLOVES and is made by neoprene.
Size: 4 sizes each with gloves and mittens
Color: Black only
Price: ¥ 5,500

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