Niigata trip ~ Asami Hirono blog

The other day, I stopped by on my way home from the Yamagata training camp!

Niigata! !!

Of course, meet this person! !!

Tantan daughter's older sister.Fumika Hoshino! !! !!

* Tantan daughter is

It's easy to get on the body! !! !!Because I'm doing it.

And it's so simple.

We're too simple and soon fall in love with people and end up hurt lol

Tantan daughter.

It is the name given to Natsuki Sato, a girl who is crunchy.

While I stopped by Uonuma to meet Fumika Hoshino,

I want to eat this ramen again.

Katsuryu's Kakuni Miso Tantan Noodles!

Oh, it came out here again.

  with dumplings lol The one on the right is green onion!It's not french fries! (; ° XNUMX °)

Harakucchi! * Full of Uonuma Ben

And when I went to Fu-chan's house, I got a gift of gateau chocolate.It ’s already fat!
Yamagata training camp I worked hard so it was a reward (^ ω ^) ♡

Take a walk with the dogs in the morning!

Fu-chan walks with the dogs in the neighborhood and is kind!

was fun!Thank you Fu-chan! !!

And this time I went to the Shirayuki Este in Nagaoka to remove my hair ♡

There are two stores in Joetsu.

The cute staff did it!

It doesn't hurt at all (^ ω ^)

With this, I don't need a razor this summer (^ ω ^)

The owner, Mr. Egashira, often conditions before the start of the tournament.

It would be strange if you did what Mr. Eto said.My body became sharp and I was able to win both of the tournaments (^ ω ^)!

After all conditioning before the start is important!
Snow White Hair Removal Esthetic
Thank you very much!  
And Uonuma → Nagaoka → Joetsu.

At Joetsu Sakura Seitaiin

I had my body taken care of injured at the Yamagata training camp (^ ω ^)
Toyama-sensei always takes care of the mind as well as the body ^ ^

Recently a child was born, Mr. Toyama of Uhauha (^ ω ^)

Joetsu Sakura Seitaiin
Thank you all!

At the end, I joined JW's junior Shohei Ikeda and ate Kappa Sushi.

I was told that I had returned to Toyama safely after being consulted about a crappy love affair ( ̄ ▽  ̄).

to be continued