23-24 model "head snowboards" and "SP Bindings" test ride information

There are only a few spots left in the 22-23 season.
Next season's 23-24 models, "head snowboards" and "SP Bindings" can be tested
Check the schedule and don't miss your last chance of the season! !

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* There are many test rides held by shops that sell "head snowboard's" and "SP Bindings", and details such as the schedule may change depending on snow conditions and weather, so please check with the shop before going to the test rides. please.



Schedule Venue Venue 2 Venue 3
17 (Fri) - 19 (Sun) Usui Group Test Ride Event
Kandatsu Snow Resort
18th (Sat) - 20th (Mon) Sponsored by ALPEN
Winghills Shirotori Resort
18th (Sat) 19th (Sun) Sponsored by FUSO Group
Naeba Ski Resort
24 (Fri) - 26 (Sun) Hosted by Apolito
Hunter Mountain Shiobara
25th (Sat) 26th (Sun) Sponsored by ALPEN
Nekoma Ski Area
1 (Sat) 2 (Sun) Usui Group Test Ride Event
Kandatsu Snow Resort
Sponsored by ALPEN
Tanbara Ski Park
7 (Fri) - 9 (Sun) SNOWBOARD SUMMIT
Geto Kogen