New update of red sensor mirror. New lens developed from SMITH's lens archive

I / O MAG ™ XL (upper left) LENS CP Photochromic Red Mirror FRAME Jade Block PRICE ¥ 37,000 I / O MAG ™ (upper right) LENS CP Everyday Rose Gold Mirror FRAME White Vapor PRICE ¥ 35,000 I / O MAG ™ S (lower) LENS CP Everyday Rose Gold Mirror FRAME Tusk PRICE ¥ 36,000 Squad XL (second from the bottom left) LENS CP Photochromic Red Mirror FRAME AC Louif Paradis PRICE ¥ 2 Skyline XL (second from the bottom right) LENS CP Photochromic Red Mirror FRAME Adam Haynes PRICE ¥ 24,500 I / OX (bottom right end) LENS CP Photochromic Red Mirror FRAME Spray Camo PRICE ¥ 2

Smith Optics
CP Photochromic Red Mirror, CP Everyday Rose Gold Mirror
New update of red sensor mirror.
New lens developed from SMITH's lens archive

SMITH's "Chroma Pop" is a unique lens technology that makes the scenery seen through the lens look natural and the shadows are clear.By "removing" the vague and vague colors from the innumerable colors that come into your eyes, you can make the colors you want to see stand out and realize a natural, vivid, and clear view. The 12 types of lenses are classified into 4 types, "SUN, EVERYDAY, STORM, and dimming", depending on the range of visible light transmittance (VLT).

Two colors have been added to this chroma pop lens this season. "Rose Gold" classified as EVERYDAY
"Mirror" and "Red Mirror" classified as dimming.What these two lenses have in common is that they have a field of view that is very close to the popular Red Sensor Mirror that was once in the lineup.And the mirror coating is so strong that you don't have to worry about seeing it from the outside.It's an easy-to-use lens for people who don't like seeing their eyes.

Red Mirror uses gray as the base lens, so you can feel a more natural hue with a clean view.Rose Flash with the same dimming has the feature that the base color rose provides a brighter field of view and the undulations of the object are easy to see.People have different tastes, but if the two photochromic lenses are to be separated by weather, the former is suitable for sunny weather, bright conditions where there is enough light even if it is cloudy, and the latter requires brightness. It can be said that it is suitable for cloudy weather.People who often ski in areas where conditions are not stable, such as Tohoku and Hokkaido, should choose Rose Flash, and those who often ski in west areas where the weather is easy to stabilize and ski resorts with low altitudes should choose Red Mirror.

Another new color, the Rose Gold Mirror, is closer to the Red Sensor Mirror and has a stronger mirror coating.Furthermore, this is also close to the appearance of the popular Ignitor lens. Ignitor and Red Sensor Mirror had a lot of fans because of their ease of viewing, and there were many voices who regretted their disappearance, so the appearance of Rose Gold Mirror, which has added the characteristics of chroma pop, is naturally expected. There is no doubt that it will increase. VLT is the highest in EVERYDAY, and it is also versatile enough to handle light cloudy weather, so you can spend the day comfortably with this one piece.If you don't care about the photochromic lens, you should definitely try the Rose Gold Mirror's field of view.

By adopting a dimming lens for the inner lens of the double lens, the temperature of the inner lens can be kept above the freezing point, and the dimming function can be maintained even in a harsh situation where the outside air is below the freezing point.
Once popular lenses, igniter (top) and red sensor mirror (bottom). Rose Gold Mirror looks about halfway between the two
The inner lens of SMITH can be washed with water.Sprinkle tap water on it to wash away dirt such as sebum as if you were stroking it with your finger, and dry it thoroughly to restore the anti-fog function.


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