Brand representative model PRISM series "PRISM" "PRISM INVISIBLE" "PRISM LTD" _ALLIAN

Enjoy the aggressive gliding of the freestyle mind

Size: 150, 152, 155cm
Price: ¥ 83,600 (tax included)

Size: 150, 152, 155, 158cm
Price: ¥ 83,600 (tax included)

PRISM LTD.(right)
Size: 150, 152, 155cm
Price: ¥ 83,600 (tax included)

ALLIAN has been producing high quality boards for over 20 years as a "brand for riders by riders" centered on Ingemer Buckman.Among them, the flagship model PRISM has been favored by many team riders.And now, PRISM-based boards such as PRISM INVISIBLE, which uses dark graphics, and PRISM LTD, which has a slightly wider design and stronger side curves to achieve high running performance, are also gaining popularity.
The base PRISM has been devised and improved over a long period of time in order to pursue slipperiness at high speeds.That also applies to other boards in the PRISM series.But don't forget the underlying freestyle mindset.For example, PRISM LTD.In addition to the above-mentioned features, in addition to the twin-tip shape, the flex is slightly softer than the normal version of PRISM, but the camber is set higher at 6 mm.That's why you can set up a powerful ollie during your freeride.A freestyle board that is slippery and easy to play.That is the unwavering goal of the PRISM series.

The PRISM series features the familiar 6mm solid single camber arch bend.From the top, PRISM, PRISM INVISIBLE, PRISM LTD
The freestyle board's royal road specs
A true twin shape with the same shape for the nose and tail, a camber structure that promises power and sharpness, and a built-in reinforcement in a V shape from both feet toward the tip.All to play freestyle!
The lion deck design was also a trademark of PRISM in recent years, but the new model has been redesigned to a simple design.


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