Miyazaki Sune

It's hot and dead

This time too, it's a blog that's defeated, but
Read? Don't read ?? Can't read ??? Don't read ...

That's ok.

Sticky with sea salt and my salt ...

By the way, after leaving Chigasaki, Jojojojo heads for Shiga by Myoko.
From there, I went to the port of Osaka with the Yoshi family.

YoshiIs there a lot of entanglement with?

Yoshi loves me.
Go UedaLoves me more.

Jojo Jojo?

The sound of V8 5.2ℓ ..
Not good fuel economy, good sound High !!!

Osaka for the first time in a long time ~

The drive style of Osaka people is that one hand is a steering wheel ..
The other hand is on the horn ..?

So that you can always visit the Donkusai guy with a horn ..

It seems.

Uo, I'm nervous !!!


Feri after a long time ~

I'm glad I didn't get seasick


Miyazaki after a long absence ~

Hmm ... Was there a little wave of seasickness ...

Stay in Hyuga, Miyazaki,Guest house pamping
The ownerMasa-kunThank you very much for your family.

During my stay, I was always taken care of by the Yoshida family and friends.
This time the cook,Iron plate TachibanaTachibana-kun accompanied me, so I was blessed with good food, a nap, and mosquitoes.


Treasure islandI went and went.
Thank you, Shunji-kun.


After that, we all had rice.

Discovery of an alien family ..

LED is energy saving ~


BabyGarage ~

Ah attractive ..

I also want my own hiding, a secret base ...


This is 67 years Thunder bird

Harley also took shape and was disjointed ..

Everyone is waiting for the play.


Backyard ramp

The smallest lamp in the world, Sneran.

Super session waterfall sweat with Luka and Rita ~

On the pouch, staying at a tropical style Katchan's house playing the Katchan guitar zzz


Well, that was Miyazaki in no time.

Blog without contents ...

On the way back, I was glad that Mr. and Mrs. Nishimura, who I respect, also came to see me off.
Thank you for your souvenirs.


Thank you very much.

Lucarita again in Sneran ..

Rumi-san, thank you for your help.

Lana Let's talk again ...

A trip to Miyazaki, where you can see the waves, the mosquitoes, the mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes.

It's a little sneaky ...



After that, the friends led by the Yoshi family went to Shiga ..

At HuckleBerryStarting point Skateboard schoolAfter doing
This time in Hakuba Village, Nagano PrefectureTrue playersI have also done school at 12f Vert.
For further information, please read Huckle Berry At HP.

Well, this time too, it was a trip of eating, drinking, running, slipping, riding, and laughing.

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