Midsummer winter notice!


The hot days continue, but are you all enjoying the summer ?!

Well, it's midsummer, but one good story for winter.

According to information from Takasu Snow Park's talented salesman, Piro Oshiro, the strongest pass of MacEarth, which we professional riders are indebted to, has been released for a limited time!

Get this pass and have a session with us on the snow next season!

So far, I and Iwata, a laughing entertainer snowboarder, have

I took pictures at MacEarth ski resorts such as Kurohime Kogen Snow Park, Madarao Kogen Ski Resort, and Nango Ski Resort.

At Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort & Takasu Snow Park, I took a movie for the tournament report article.

I will go next season too! C ~  (^^) c (^^) c

I'm looking forward to meeting you ~

・ Nango Park is really interesting!Astonishing ski resort found in an unexplored region

・ Snowboard-loving comedians challenge to make two revolutions on the jump table ~ Ride For a Smile ~

・ The lift ticket is 2018,01,15 yen! ??What kind of ski resort is Kurohime? ~ RIDE FOR A SMILE ~ XNUMX Kurohime Kogen Snow Park

・ Challenge XNUMX ​​(Sabouroku) @ Kurohime ~ Ride For A Smile ~

・ License all-in-one! ??Entertainer Iwata's longing double down rail challenge volume ~ Ride For a Smile ~

・ I took a picture with the comedian Iwa-chan at Madarao Kogen Ski Resort ~ Ride For a Smile ~ 

・ Kandatsu Big Air XNUMX 


・ Takawashi Super Pipe Session XNUMX




Excerpt from the following SNS article by Piro Oshiro ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

The transcendental deals season tickets that everyone knows
It was released on August 8st! !! !! ✨

"MacEarth 30"
"Chubu Seven"

It may not feel like snow because of the intense heat,
This season ticket is limited in number, so
It ’s a very quick win 💦

There are quite a lot of people who made a start dash from the first day,
For the past few days, the season ticket office has been making a big fuss! !!
It is a super popular product ♪

If you explain both in detail, it will be tomorrow, so
This time, I will give you a rough guide only to MacEarth 30! ✨

The feature of MacEarth 30 is

Not only in the Oku Mino area where Takasu Snow Park & ​​Dynaland is located,
Area coverage rate is Panainsu from Hokkaido to Chugoku region! !!
Definitely the best in Japan!

That's why I don't think there are many people who slide down all about 30 ski resorts.

For example, in the Tokai area
Glide between Takasu and Dyna, Kurohime and Takai Fuji

The Kanto area is better
Nango ski resort, Inawashiro, and Kandatsu

It is possible to go back and forth beyond one area like this!

Not just in the same area
Sometimes I want to go to a ski resort in another area,
Looking at the weather forecast, I want to ski the best ski resort of the day!And,

I think it's really suitable for people with that style 😁

When the area changes, the weather and conditions change.

Of course I'm definitely an Oku Mino school!
I also recommend people ♪

If you purchased MacEarth 8 by August 31st
55555 yen, which is almost the same price as a single season ticket! !! !!

I often hear
Takasu & Dyna and Washigatake are the main slopes

Pipe, free run → Takasu
If it snows → Dyna
Park → Washigatake

Deadly strongest routine Shin ⚡️

Takasu single season ticket alone
It's 50000 yen.

Isn't it a great deal if you think that you can slide both Dyna and Washigatake for an additional 5000 yen? ✨ ✨

… It ’s been a long time, but
If you are in doubt, please contact the secretariat as soon as possible (´ ▽ `) ノ


I went to the shop the other day to promote it 🚗
To all the shops who kindly responded to the assault visit
Thank you very much 🙇‍♂️

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