NITRO signature set-up favored by Marcus Cleveland on his way to becoming an absolute champion.

 Since entering 2023, he has won the LAAX OPEN slopestyle, won the big air and knuckle hack at the X GAMES Aspen tournament, won the slopestyle runner-up at the same tournament, and won the snowboard world championship slopestyle. I keep collecting.Marcus Cleveland, a young Norwegian trick master.

The TEAM PRO setup, which is highly trusted by many of NITRO's proud team riders, supports his feet, which perfectly manipulates such highly difficult tricks to creative and ever-changing actions.Moreover, regarding the board and boots, it is a signature model engraved with Marcus' name. “I was really happy when I heard that I would be able to design my own professional model,” says Marcus.

The board has the perfect combination of flex, high-speed glide, operability, and most importantly, durability that I need for contests and everyday riding. The biggest feature is that it has higher resilience by adding a diamond band.

In addition, the boots use the TLS lacing system and power straps, and the fit can be customized in detail, so if it is too soft, it will not slip, so while pursuing the quickest possible response, it is also very comfortable to wear. So, it's exactly the ideal boot," Marcus praises.Marcus chose TEAM PRO, which has the same model name as the board and boots, as the interface that connects the board and boots.

However, since everything is hard flex and high response setting, it may be a difficult setup for park beginners.If you compare it to a car, it's not a passenger car that anyone can easily drive because there is play around the steering wheel, but it's not easy to drive, but if you have the skill of the rider, it's similar to an F1 machine that can demonstrate a different performance. .However, for that reason, it will instantly reflect the rider's intentions, leading to more precise and more powerful riding.

It's a set-up that chooses the rider, but for those who want to aim for a higher level in park riding, there may not be a more reassuring set-up.

▲ (Board)

Size: 152, 155, 157, 159cm
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

Size: 25-28.5cm
Color: BLACK
Price: ¥ 79,200 (tax included)


Size: M, L
Price: ¥ 57,200 (tax included)

Original graphics based on TEAM PRO
“My hometown of Dombos, Norway, which is also my starting point. I used the T-bar of the ski resort there as a graphic motif and had the kids create a picture that looks like they had drawn in their imagination. Satisfied, the gradation of the sole represents a beautiful sunset in Dombos." - Marcus Cleveland
High performance boot with professional response
“There is a power strap on the top of the boot, and the power of the entire foot is transmitted to the board without waste. That is the biggest feature of my boots. And with the ability to fine-tune the fit, it's comfortable to wear." -Marcus Cleveland
TEAM PRO bindings that go well with this board and boots
In order to maximize the performance of high-response boards and boots, bindings must also be highly responsive.TEAM PRO, which Marcus also loves, is characterized by having excellent shock absorption in addition to high response.The heel part is equipped with an air dampening system, which softens the big impact when landing a big jump, and also effectively absorbs fine vibrations transmitted from the snow surface, providing a smooth ride. .

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Collaboration design board with VOLCOM NITRO ・RIPPER


NITRO's high-performance boots that can be used in STEP ON


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