Looking back at this season's recommended movies ~Vol.05~ "Moving documentary edition"

Second half of the season. However, there will still be a chance to ski powder, and if I think positively, the skiing I've done so far and the warm weather will allow my body to move more easily, making it a good time to enjoy more freestyle play. Now, in this series, we'll take a look back at this season's Free Run Editorial Department's recommended movies that are currently available to watch online. Some of you may have already checked them out, but all of them are movies that will increase your desire to skate. The fifth installment will focus on documentary movies depicting the lives of riders.



A full-length movie (subtitled version) produced by SWEETGRASS PRODUCTIONS. It's a close-up look at five riders who find their purpose in skiing powder, so sit back and watch it carefully. From Japan, Atsushi Gomyo, the inventor of snowboards, will appear. He wants you to know his thoughts and enjoy riding on his snowboard.

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Riders featured: Atsushi Gomei, Goro Komatsu, and more

Recording time: 1 hour 05 minutes 55 seconds




DCP suffered a serious injury in 2022, breaking his neck at Eagle Pass in Revelstoke. The story includes his recovery process and his return to snowboarding. After his comeback, you will be moved to see him once again having a lively session with his allies Romain De Marti and JP Solberg on heliboarding at Eagle Pass.

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Riders featured: DCP, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg

Recording time: 22 minutes 11 seconds



【Extra edition】


It may not be called a documentary movie because it's only one run, but that one run is so amazing that I picked it up as an extra feature. From the movie "SEQUENCER" by the QUIKSILVER snow team, Travis Rice takes on an extraordinary run at Velvet Castle. Unlike the main story, Travis' breathing is realistic, making the video quite tense. The entire 1 minutes and 1 seconds is a highlight!



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