Looking back at this season's recommended movies ~Vol.03~ "Freeride at the wonderful Japau"

Before we know it, we're entering the second half of this season. However, there will still be opportunities to ski powder, and on a positive note, thanks to the skiing so far and the warm weather, the body is more mobile and now is the time to enjoy more freestyle play. Now, in this series, we'll be taking a look back at this season's Free Run editorial team's recommended movies that are currently available to watch online. Some of you may have already checked them out, but all of them are movies that will increase your desire to skate. In the third installment, we will pick up freeride works that will take you into the wonderful world of Japau. There are forecasts that it will get colder in the future, so please check before going on a powder ride.




HEART FILMS' first full-length movie in two years features sessions by snowboarders and skiers with outstanding freeride skills who seek out the coveted quality domestic powder and thrilling slopes for skiers. It flows from one to the next. Riding on ski slopes in heavy snowfall areas such as Seki Onsen and Madarao Kogen, in the backcountry of Nagano, Niigata, and Hokkaido, and even on the remotest island of Rishiri Island is recorded along with the rider's words and lifestyle shots, so it feels like a photo shoot. You'll feel like you're accompanying the trip. It is a work that you will want to watch over and over again, as it is a documentary about the wonders of Japau, overwhelming visual beauty, and the thoughts of the riders.

[Work information]

Riders appearing: Takafumi Konishi, Yoko Nakamura, Aya Sato, Hiroki Hoshi, and more!

Recording time: 34 minutes 13 seconds




During the peak season, Auntie Auti comes to Japan every season in search of the finest Japau. This work uses a lot of footage shot with Aunty's camera, so you can experience many of the deep powder lines he left behind. When you watch such exciting videos, you may never be able to imitate them, but the desire to ``I want to ski down these kinds of slopes'' and ``I want to ski this kind of powder'' naturally arises. The main story begins with Lost Baggage, but was Auntie able to ski down the slope she was aiming for? Please check it out.

[Work information]

Featuring Rider: Aunty Outy

Recording time: 24 minutes 40 seconds




The KORUA SHAPES crew led by Nicholas Wolken enjoys last season's bottomless powder in Japan. However, when they returned to Switzerland, what was waiting for them there was a resort in Europe that was suffering from the effects of a warm winter, much like Japan, which is currently suffering from light snow. Still, in order to enjoy the environment in front of me to the fullest, I use freestyle carving to show off and show off. The contrast between deep powder and grooming burn creates an interesting work. This is a movie you should watch on days when you want to face your turn.

[Work information]

Riders featured: Nicholas Wolken, Spencer O'Brien, James Niederberger, Daria Fuchs, Runar Hjorleifsson, Atsufumi Mizuno

Recording time: 10 minutes 59 seconds



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