Looking back at this season's recommended movies ~Vol.02~ "Overseas movies featuring dynamic Japanese riders"

Before we know it, we're entering the second half of this season. However, there will still be a chance to ski powder, and if I think positively, the skiing I've done so far and the warm weather will allow my body to move more easily, making it a good time to enjoy more freestyle play. Now, in this series, we'll take a look back at this season's Free Run Editorial Department's recommended movies that are currently available to watch online. Some of you may have already checked them out, but all of them are movies that will increase your desire to skate. The second theme is an overseas movie featuring Japanese riders in action.



Raimu Katayama spent the season away from the competitive world and concentrated on filming activities. As a result of recording a number of those energetic rides on film, the film was created by BURTON, a leading brand in the industry, and features a lineup of luxury riders such as Danny Davis, Mikkel Bang, and Ben Fagerson. Two people got the bird part. From powder turns to backcountry jumps and lines, the unique styles of the featured riders are a must-see.

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Riders featured: Kimu Katayama, Ben Ferguson, Mark McMorris, Brock Crouch, Mark Sollors, Red Gerard, Brolin Mawejje, Mikey Ciccarelli, Rob Roethler, Mikey Rencz, Zeb Powell, Kimmy Fasani, Mikkel Bang, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Danny Davis

Recording time: 15 minutes 00 seconds




Yuki Kadono heads for the kicker who jumps over a huge gap in the backcountry. The latest work by THIS IS US IN, a film crew based in Jackson Hole, begins with a scene that clearly conveys the tension. Among the footage shot in the backcountry of North America and Japan, the most interesting part is probably the continuation of the opening scene. From the first hit, he made a front side 540, and ended up stomping a front side 1260. I want you to see Kadono evolve like that.


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Riders featured: Yuki Kadono, Cam Fitz-Patrick, Cooper Branham, Keegan Rice, Grant Giller, Roland Morley-Brown, Chase Josey

Recording time: 22 minutes 02 seconds




The DUSTBOX crew is currently supported by young core snowboarders. In the description of their latest work, it is stated that the bird starting at 15 minutes and 30 seconds is "d0bunezumi." This is the most active young crew in Japan right now, with names such as Aifuyu Ito and Umiho Hirano, who were featured in FREERUN magazine two seasons ago. Within DUSTBOX, whose main field of self-expression is urban snowboarding, Ito and Hirano's creative movements serve as an exquisite accent to the entire work. A must-check to learn about the latest in overseas street scenes and d2bunezumi's style!

[Work information]

Featuring riders: Aifuyu Ito, Umiho Hirano, Noah Lugh Brown, Brett Kulas, Cody Warble, Noah Peterson, Robby Meehan, Reid Smith, Cooper Whittier, Dan Mcgonagle, Johas Harris, Tommy Towns, Ryan Collins, and more!

Recording time: 20 minutes 24 seconds

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