Long time brigade

It's been a long time in many ways.
I will deliver the story that I went to America in a hurry
Read? Don't read ?? Can't read ???
Like ~ Like ~

Well, I went with such mens.
From the left, Yoshi, 139, Micchan (Chen), and Sonechin.
After that, I joined Brian who was waiting at the site.

It's far from America ...


The purpose is to go to see Lance Mountain, go to STUSSY, and do 3S.

First of all, surfing at Trestle.
Yoshi It seems like I was pulled by a train after this with a punch that floated on a nice wave ...

Thank you to Mr. Masaki of LOST who was blessed with the wonderful waves and supported me.


Session with Jay Adams.
Even though the temperature and water temperature were so cold, he said, "It's not cold."

This person ... I can't say anything.


Go to Venice and skateboard.
Sone Chin, I was scolded by my aunt for skateboarding ... (Fuck you).Cute
Mr. Chen, I'm about to eat the back of my head.Abuna
Jijii wears a helmet!

Akane Haga's Sonechin !!!!!


Snowboarding was done at Solitude in Utah.

Mr. Chen, hell ...
This person is the president of STUSSY.


Bilingual man Bryan.
Japanese is better than me ...
Thanks to him, I was able to have various negotiations and talks, which was helpful.

Next door is 139 (Wansaku)
I dare not touch it here ...


Lance and skating ~.
Jijii Hanasaki is an old story such as a DEL MAR contest and a demonstration in Japan.

My son and wife also gave me a generous "hospitality".
(Yo Christel !!!!!)

But it's good POOL ...
I also want this.
When I get home, I'm crazy about it !!!!!


I met the current president and staff of STUSSY and showed them the real kappa side.
It's a plate ... I forgot ...

And thank you, Mr. Chen.
Thanks to you for this tour. (Chi-n ,,,)

That's Yoshi-san ...
Leave it on the Trestles zzz

There was enough to sell, so I packed a lot of clothes in my backpack and came to Kappara ,,,
(Eh ,, this is my job to sell ...)


Lance Mountain Skateboard
I tried arranging them side by side, but riding was ... I learned.

After all, this is a great person.


I also went to a Pool designed by Lance in my neighborhood.
It was a cool shape.

This is often seen in the video.

By the way, the shadow of Yoshi that only dogs can see ...
(Surprisingly terrifying)


I pulled the story that Yoshi was drawn to the end, but well, the usual defeat Blog ...
The material is too thick to be organized, and I stop before the crowding fever comes out.

Go home and go to bed.
Yeah, let's do that.

Good night zzz