Information on holding "Itochu Children's Dream Fund" and "Itochu Children's Dream Snowboard Class" to support disaster areas

ITOCHU Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President:Masahiro Okafuji (hereinafter referred to as "Itochu Corporation")As part of the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction assistance,Disaster area support established in March 2013 "Through the ITOCHU Children's Dream Fund,"Itochu Children's Dream Snowboarding Class" will be held.

Our classroom supports the dreams of children in the disaster area.As part of the ITOCHU Children's Dream FundAt an event to support children in Tohoku who aim to become snowboardersvinegar. 2015 All Japan Champions Ikuumi Imai and Haruna Matsumoto,Including Natsuo Sato, the representative of the 2015 World ChampionshipWe welcome snowboarders who are active in the world as instructorsIn addition to providing opportunities to receive jump instruction directly from top players,We will also hold a presentation to showcase the results of the practice.Also, as a supplementary prizeThe official supplier of the Japanese national snowboard team,"AIRWALK" developed by ITOCHU CorporationWe provide branded products.

ITOCHU is "Responding to Humanitarian Issues" stipulated in the Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities., Based on "nurturing the next generation"Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake through the ITOCHU Children's Dream Fund and various activitiesWe will continue to support.

■ Outline of the event

Name: ITOCHU Children's Dream Snowboarding Class

Date: Sunday, February 2016, 2

Venue: Grandeco Snow Resort (Fukushima Prefecture) / access.html

Capacity: 40 people

Cost: Free

Lecturer: Snowboard strengthening designated players, etc.

Ikuumi Imai, Haruna Matsumoto, Kaito Hamada,

Asami Hirono, Natsuo Sato,

Takashi Nishida (Nagano Olympics representative), Michiyo Hashimoto (Salt Lake Olympics representative)

Program: 10: 00-12: 00 Snowboarding class

13: 20-14: 30 Snowboard Park (Jump Box) Presentation

15: 15-15: 45 Closing Ceremony (Announcement of Winners and Runner-ups)

* The time schedule is subject to change.

Application for participation is until February 2th.

Name, age, grade, address, phone number, email address,Gliding level (with or without jump and box experience)

Goals (straight jumps, rotations, etc.),E-mail the Kirara Event Desk with the presence or absence of a helmet (

Or apply by phone (0267-31-6527).If there are many applicants, there will be a selection.

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