A thorough video explanation of LIB TECH's attractive lineup, including the popular TRAVIS RICE ORCA series!

High performance with the latest technology, outstanding performance and beautiful artwork
Popular models that thoroughly pursue the fun of snowboarding are available!

LIB TECH continues to evolve snowboarding by introducing original ideas and the latest technology.Using innovative ideas such as banana technology and magnetic traction, we have developed a new structure that opens up the possibilities of riding and allows for a more comfortable way to enjoy riding.A brand that pushes the limits of snowboarding by maximizing the performance of its boards.
The ORCA series, which has now become a super popular model, is even more powerful.We have a lineup of noteworthy models that fit a variety of styles, including the JAMIE LYNN series, which has attractive performance and artwork.


By far the most popular model in the Travis series.

The tight sidecut and sufficient width create ideal carving through the resort, and in powder conditions, the floating long nose and whale tail make exhilarating tree runs and mash jumps possible.Since this is a volume shift board, please choose a size that is 3 to 6 cm shorter than usual.
Sizes: 138, 144, 147, 150, 153, 156, 159, 162
Price: ¥ 123,200 (tax included)

Model completed by ORCA × T.RICE PRO

A golden power beast created by combining ORCA and T.RICE PRO.Directional C2x shape is used for the long nose to create a floating feeling.The newly developed power kink tail is short, powerful and pops on hardpack, and automatically lifts off during takeoff and landing in switch freestyle. Achieved lighter spin weight with FP core and ultra-thin nose and tail.Please choose a size that is 1-3cm shorter than your usual size.
Sizes: 150, 153, 157, 161
Price: ¥ 148,500 (tax included)

The best ORCA ever completed

``T.RICE APEX GOLDEN ORCA'', which stands at the top of multi-directional boards, uses the newly developed ``TECHNO POP'' carbon technology.Vertical and cross-positioned carbon increases stiffness, power and pop, increasing torsional response from foot to contact point for maximum performance.Equipped with the newly developed ANTI MATTER on the tip and tail, further reducing weight.Since this is a volume shift board, please choose a size that is 3 to 6 cm shorter than your usual size.
Sizes: 153, 157, 161
Price: ¥ 226,600 (tax included)

LIB RIG by Austen Sweetin [ALL MOUNTAIN]
New model designed by A. Sweetin

Austin Sweetin rides most boards in every condition imaginable and carefully tests his favorite shapes.This "LIB RIG" was created together with an experienced design team.A streamlined nose with a floating feel, a tail compatible with switches, a deep carving side cut, a slightly thick waist width...the board was just as I had imagined.The sole with an impressive simple black x orange graphic is also GOOD.
Size: 153, 156, 159, 160W
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

A freeriding model that aggressively attacks snowy mountains.

A dreamy directional all-terrain board that anyone can enjoy regardless of their level.Powerful C3 camber and magnetic traction edges ensure precise turns and big jumps.A. Sweetin and P. Hansen also like it as an enjoyable freestyle stick due to its amazing lightness.
Size: 150, 153, 156, 159, 162, 156W, 159W, 162W, 165W
Price: ¥ 101,200 (tax included)

A dynamic all-terrain board tuned to Japanese specifications

DYNAMISS is a dynamic all-terrain board that quickly became extremely popular when it was released as a Japanese-spec board featuring Jamie Lynn's art.The directional C3 shape, smooth entry nose and slightly tapered tail make it comfortable for resort carving and floating in powder.It's as classic and powerful as Estero Penchero enjoys powder with the Baldface.
Sizes: 142, 145, 149, 153
Price: ¥ 99,000 (tax included)

Reshape makes it harder and more powerful

"TERRAIN WRECKER" has been newly reshaped and enables harder ripping and powerful riding.The combination of a directional tip and twin chassis that can cover the entire snowy mountain allows for the best skiing regardless of unstable weather or slope conditions. Composition of C2x hybrid shape and slightly thicker and softer flex.
Size: 152, 154, 157, 160, 156W, 161W
Price: ¥ 105,600 (tax included)

New model of freestyle jib stick

A freestyle jib stick designed and rendered by P. Hansen, M. Soltan and others for a year.Constructed with C1 camber, twin shape, mini-magne traction, and a strong sintered base for fun on the street and creative spots.
Size: 151, 154, 157, 157W
Price: ¥ 101,200 (tax included)

“ROCKET” has been powered up with a new outline

Adopting a progressive oval sidecut, the powerful setback camber and stance give it a shape that's even better at hardpack carving.In particular, the tail hold provides a firm grip like magnetic traction.The wide body and early rise nose have a lot of planing surface, allowing for outstanding buoyancy and powerful turns.
Sizes: 152.5, 157.5, 161.5
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

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