Let's get excited together !!!

"Atsushi Ishikawa" professional who cooperates with Murasaki Sports Chiba Parco store in various ways

The 13th DVD from SCLOVER that he bundles[UP TO YOU]Let's all get excited and get excited before the premiere event is held ~ The event flyer distributed at the store is mixed with a rare version signed by the person himself, so please look for it at Murasaki Sports Chiba Parco store.After watching this DVD, you can listen to various secret stories of shooting on the Hokkaido tour where you can slide with yourself !!!!!
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The Chiba Parco store boasts the largest sales floor area in the Murasaki Sports Chiba area.A wide variety of products and many events such as schools, practice sessions, tours, and social gatherings.There is also a skateboard park on the rooftop, and the mini lamps and street section with a wide variety of sizes are ideal for off-season practice!We support your snowboarding life. Official Website