Introducing three innovative models from “Bataleon,” which is causing a 3D sensation in the snowboarding world.

"Bataleon" celebrated its 20th anniversary as a brand last season.
It is currently the most popular snowboard brand, with the release of the anniversary model ``20Y'', a grand commemorative party at the end of the year, and the release of new boots starting next season.


From the new models of the 24/25 season, we will pick up three noteworthy models designed with innovative concepts typical of Bataleon. 


"Three models with different riding tastes even though they have the same nose shape"
Which one would you ride?

"ThunderStorm" "Surfer" "Cameleon"
The all-mountain model "ThunderStorm" has a new shape and more power than this season. The Outline is a directional board that allows you to enjoy switch riding as well, allowing you to ride from powder to compacted snow at high speeds, making it a board for snowboarders who want to explore snowy mountains dynamically.

"Surfer" and "Cameleon" have been developed based on the nose shape of ThunderStorm. Three models have been completed that have almost the same nose shape, but differ in flex depending on the tail shape, structure, and materials used, giving completely different riding tastes. Each model is designed to demonstrate its highest potential based on its concept.

<Thunder Storm>

Bataleon's unique 3D shape "3BT" is equipped with "SideKIck" near the snow contact point. The board quickly adapts to changes in the slope, improving glide performance. It is an all-mountain model with running performance that allows you to slide smoothly on any slope.

Although it has a directional shape, the tail shape makes it easy to handle when playing freestyle, allowing you to freely control it during switch riding.

The flex is the stiffest setting among the three, and is also good at carving on compacted snow slopes. Sizes range from 3 to 144W. Regarding 162, you can choose from three types: N=Narrow and W=Wide, and it is a genderless collection with a wide variety of sizes.

Adaptation: ◎All Mountain/○Carving/○Freestyle
SIZE: 144N, 148N, 152N, 154, 156N, 156, 158, 161, 156W, 159W, 162W
PRICE: ¥86,000 (¥94,600/tax included)



Of course, the 3D shape of the nose is interesting, but the most notable feature is the tail, which has a three-dimensional shape that resembles a jet engine. The scoop "Powder Hull", which has a 3D shape hollowed out at the base of the swallow tail, is a new technology that takes advantage of the sinking of the tail in deep snow to support edge grip and enjoy the best turns. Demonstrates firm edge grip not only on powder but also on hard compacted snow.

The scoop of 159 has a considerable presence with a depth of about 2 cm and a maximum width of about 20 cm. This is a Bataleon original design that makes full use of the latest 3D technology, which is completely different from previous swallow tails. The wide and large nose provides excellent nose lift even in powder, dusty snow, and rough snow, allowing you to enjoy the best free riding from powder to compacted snow. This is an innovative board that makes you want to ride it just by looking at its shape.

Suitable for: ◎Powder/○Freeride/○Carving
SIZE: 149, 154, 159, 162
PRICE: ¥149,000 (¥163,900/tax included)

Surfer's "Powder Hull" has a pretty impressive swallow tail. This special shape provides excellent turning performance in powder.
Just seeing this shape makes me want to try it out and see how it rides.
The nose part has a 3BT shape and is equipped with a SideKick near the snow contact point. Enables all-round comfortable gliding while bringing out outstanding buoyancy.
Based on medium camber, the uplift at the nose is high and the tail is set low.


"Cameleon" is a new model developed by blending the strengths of ThunderStorm and Surfer. The key point of this board is the triangular "Flex Tail" technology with a slit in the tail.

The triangular area in the center of the tail is made of flexible material. A slit in the center absorbs twisting of the tail due to load, allowing for natural board control. The board flexes to suit the terrain, conditions, and style, guiding you to the optimal glide. This board boasts a high level of adaptability, just like the Chameleon model name.

The Cameleon, which was completed by combining the ThunderStorm's nose and the "Flex Tail" inspired by the Surfer's tail, is also a hybrid in its glide. Pleasant turns that make use of the nose and tail, natural gliding along the snowy mountain terrain, and a floating feeling in powder... Experience unparalleled all-round performance with the cutting-edge 3D board "Cameleon," which incorporates Bataleon's latest technology.

Suitable for: ◎All Mountain/○Powder/○Carving/○Freeride
SIZE: 149, 153, 157, 161
PRICE: ¥110,000 (¥121,000/tax included)

"Flex Tail" is Cameleon's biggest feature. The tip has a notch, and the core material in the center is hollowed out. It is obvious that the tail part is flexible.
Cameleon also has a SideKick in its 3BT shape, but it doesn't have as much uplift as Surfer.
The tail part also has a slightly 3D shape and is equipped with SideKick.

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