Introducing the crowdfunding DVD "Mountain GUY" by Hiroshi Amami, which contains the last season (2021/2022) called "Year of Miracles" by Niseko Local.

About 26 years ago, he skated in "Niseko" in Hokkaido in winter, and in the past he also experienced a Japanese champion at the border cross.Currently, he is active as a brand rider of several companies and appears in product development, promotional videos, and events.Hiroshi Amami.

In recent years, he has held freeride sessions with users to convey advice and the ideas of Yokonori.DOWN CHILLHe is engaged in a wide range of "horizontal promotion activities" such as serving as the captain of ".

Last season, the sanctuary of powder snow "Hokkaido Niseko" was quiet due to the influence of the corona, and the tourism industry was hit hard, but the ski resort with nobody is a season that is handed down as a "miracle year" for the locals. rice field.

Under such circumstances, Tenkai said, "I would like to make a DVD containing this miracle season and leave a work that people and friends who refrained from slipping can enjoy watching" that time "in the video!" Thinking that, he launched crowdfunding himself.

As a result, we achieved the target amount of support from many friends, fans, and brands from the connections we have made so far, and produced the long-sought DVD "Mountain GUY".

In the first place, "mountain GUY" means "master of mountain play, master" and is a coined word that Tenkai came up with.This DVD focuses on the mountain GUYs in the vicinity of Niseko, and includes the lifestyles of mountain GUYs who play sideways, such as snowboarding, snowboarding, and skating throughout the four seasons of the Niseko area.

There is a season (best timing) for the slopes and terrain they aim for, and the conditions are met only a few times a season.I look at the weather chart every day, search for the weather and snow conditions, wind, temperature, and seasonal information of my friends, and face the slopes that slide every day.

And, if the timing is right, "Mountain GUYs' once-in-a-lifetime meeting" will slide on the seasonal terrain with a single stroke.In this work, from the daily life of those locals to the journey, the scene of sliding on the finest snow unique to Niseko is included.

I think that you could sympathize with their appearance of enjoying the four seasons by riding sideways while facing such nature.

Japan in this season is still in the best condition.Please watch this DVD to raise your tension and continue to enjoy snowboarding.

"Mountain GUY" work introduction
Main story: 34 minutes (powder surface vine)
Bonus: 22 minutes
Edit: Hiroshi Sankai
Composition: 65% powder, 15% skateboard, 15% freefoot, 5% others
Planning: Sankai production
List price 3,636 yen (4,000 yen including tax)
Pro shops and retail stores nationwide, orMountain GUY channel OfOnline StoreCan be purchased from.

featuring: Teppei Hirota, Minato Miyauchi, Teruaki Oizumi, Katsumi Sasaki, Daisuke Suzuki, Naoya Wada, Akio Endo, Daisuke Watanabe, Toshiki Yamane, Tenkai, etc.


[Main part introduction and inside story]
“Summer” Summer, SK8, festival.

“KUTCHAN” Kutchan is this person.

"Mountain GUYs" friends part.Mountain GUYs recognized by Tenkai.A beard that is praised and shy by juniors.

"Morning" A story that would not be possible without him.
Since the cameraman did not come, I composed it with a full iPhone.

“Landscape” A memorial run that dropped insta360 in the last run.After that, the search for 3 days became a "thing that never returned" and it was only here that the data for 10 days was lost.

A snowboard session taken with a wonderful device called RED camera.

2021 Expedition record Mt. Iwaki. Collaboration tour with Digginn Magazine.A session with a cameraman.The last was so comfortable that I slipped for more than a minute from the end of shooting.
Full iPhone part.

Activities of mountain GUYs from spring to early summer.
The "snow toy" part is a video by the self-supporting drone "skydio2" that has not been released in Japan.

Summer activities and B-cuts.
Meeting venue at the time of production.It was fired.

The 2021 season slope one scene. 2019 snowskate trip.