La Niña occurs !! Expectations are rising for the best snow ~

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced today that the sea surface temperature in the eastern Pacific equatorial region (off South America) is lower than normal on September 9.La Niña phenomenonAnnounced that it seems to have occurred.
From December 2020 to the end of February 12, the La Niña phenomenon will affect the top season of this winter, after which it will return to normal.
The warm winter trend that has been going on for the past two years is corrigori.
Good news for all of you.The La Nina phenomenon strengthens the winter-type pressure distribution and increases the amount of snow.Of course, we also want to avoid heavy snowfalls that could lead to disasters, but this winter we will be able to slip on good snow to eliminate the frustration of the previous season.

At the time of the La Niña phenomenon, it happened that the car was piled up like this in a blink of an eye after leaving the car for several hours at Naeba.

Although it is a corona storm, the ski resort seems to have begun preparations for the season in, including infection control measures.It can be expected that it will be difficult for foreign customers to come to slip on the snowy mountains of Japan, so for us Japanese snowboarders, it may be a season with a great sense of openness.
Expecting good snow, let's start preparing for this year's gear.

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