Kurohime also has powder! ??Let's take a look at Kurohime Kogen Snow Park from a different perspective! ~ RIDE FOR A SMILE ~

Gutentark! !! !! w

January 2019, 1, I and the self-proclaimed entertainment world No. 25 snowboarder comedian Iwa-chan

I visited Kurohime Kogen Snow Park again.

Iwa-chan asserts that Kurohime is home and local


"Everyone thinks Kurohime is an image of a park !? It's shallow! Kurohime also enjoys powder!"

If you say so much, let's have an attendant w

Kurohime powder that slides with Iwa-chan for short

"Black pow !!"

And for lunch, go to "BC cafe"!

Original blended coffee that grinds beans on the spot

I got a huge hamburger!

Everything you received in the store is delicious C ~!

Thank you Nobuo, Phi Phi, Tyson!

After a long break, when you go outside

Real Kurohime Local PPT stands a picnic table on the wall and makes something with Sesse Sesse ...?

To "Phi-chan? What are you doing?"

Pipit "I made it for Iwata"

Iwa-chan "Let's do it because it's a big deal !!"

In this way, a session of fathers using the special section started in a hurry.

In a special item session from Black Pow

It's a full-blown wound!You can see the movement of Iwata who insists on it in the video ~

Are you telling the truth? ?? ?? (Lol)


"Black Pow Hata no C ~! ??For Iwata only! ??A special section is also available ~ RIDE FOR A SMILE ~ ”