Know the real thing. Get better safely. At Ishiuchi Maruyama, those things are possible!

Although many ski slopes are suffering from a warm winter and light snow this season, Ishiuchi Maruyama in Niigata is crowded with skiers every day as usual. And there are a lot of riders as well. Let's unravel the mystery.

Photo: Photography Itsuki

Rider: Hiroki Hoshi
I made a nose while doing a front 360 tail grab with a rainbow box. It's a quick cut.

Ishiuchi Maruyama has been called the sacred place of the park. But why are so many people fascinated by Ishiuchi Park? If you just put the same items in the same place every season, you'll probably get tired of them at some point. However, it is the outstanding park construction crews who have always inspired us skaters and made us want to ski. Currently, the digger crew includes everyone from competition-oriented riders to mountain freestylers who love freeriding, and they are also of different generations. It is because of these people that Ishiuchi Park always has items and layouts that meet the needs of the times. No, not only that, but it is because they are constantly evolving and deepening with new proposals and challenges that they continue to attract so many people.

Rider: Yohei Niwano (left), Hiroki Hoshi (right)
Crail created by Yohei Niwano and Hiroki Hoshi with just one shot
Rider: Hiroki Hoshi
Just when you think you're going to jump over the wall, tap the tail for some style.

Currently, the leader of Ishiuchi's Park Diggers is Yohei Niwano, a rider from Minami Uonuma who is one of the central figures who is starting to bring a new breeze to this area. We asked him about this season's park concept and his thoughts as a digger.

Rider: Yohei Niwano
``I don't usually wear a jib...'', but this style!

``It's not just lines where you go straight in and do tricks, but you can also add items while doing free runs.I was conscious of wanting to have a terrain park-like feel that would allow you to enjoy 3D and lateral movement. That's a good crossover with the freestyle park. That's the current Ishiuchi park. The reason why such a park is possible is because riders with different interests and different generations with high vibes are doing digger. I think this is because everyone consults with each other to decide on the layout, etc. That's why competition-oriented riders can enjoy it, as well as those who like free running. I think this good balance is its strength. .Also, it's great that the operators are the strongest.They give shape to our own images, and although the jib area is done by hand, maintenance is done almost exclusively with heavy equipment.The other day, the snow melted a lot. Even on the day when the items were falling apart, they restored them to such a level that even the people who come to visit them every day didn't even notice.We were able to maintain such high quality conditions even in what is said to be a mild winter season. The reason we're here is because of the digger crew and operators.Oh yeah, we've strengthened the beginner park this season.It's only open as a night park on Friday and Saturday nights, so I hope you enjoy it. hey"

One frame of regular maintenance of the kicker. Takahiro Ishida is working next to Yohei Niwano (left). He's also part of the digger crew.


We also spoke with Hiroki Hoshi, who is from the same hometown and generation as Youhei, and who has been skating at Ishiuchi Park for a long time.

Yohei Niwano (left), Hiroki Hoshi (right). Riders who are passionate about riding and soul gather at Ishiuchi
Rider: Hiroki Hoshi
A spin from the first jump at the same time as the park opens is unique to locals!

“Especially, I think the size of the walls and banks on the kicker’s slope are a little larger than in other parks.So you can play with vertical lines that connect tricks, and you can also use the horizontal sides of items to create 3D You can also draw lines.That's why I never get tired of it.There aren't many parks where you can enjoy both freestyle and freeride.I've been skating since I was a high school student, but the current digger team and operators have improved the park. Since I started creating it, I think I've become able to play in 3D more than ever before.What's more, the fact that everyone in the crew can skate anyway is convincing, and it gives me a sense of security. Also, I think that the fact that the diggers have become such a cool presence has a positive influence on the people who skate Ishiuchi.This is a park where you can't go wrong.Is that why?Slide alone. Whenever I go to a park, there's always someone there to ride it (lol), and the session begins naturally. That's one of the things that makes Ishiuchi Park so interesting."

Hiroki continues as follows.

``It's not just the stone park, the whole mountain is a slope where you can play freestyle.Walls, gaps, banked terrain... If you go top to bottom from the peak, you'll have a lot of variety, and it's really an element that will improve your skill. It's packed tightly. Well, it's definitely going to make my legs swell (lol)."

Rider: Hiroki Hoshi
Goofy footer performs a nose butter from the backside 180 on the wall terrain on the detour.
Rider: Yohei Niwano
It is the nature of freestylers to want to jump when there is a slight ups and downs.
Rider: Yohei Niwano
Enjoy a pleasant cruise along the detour that has been slipped by many people and has become a natural banked terrain.

Cool riders are deeply involved in the creation of the park. That's why cool riders naturally gather here. Of course, riders of all levels can enjoy the park, but the park also provides a safe environment for beginners and intermediate riders to practice. That's why you get better. The installed items and layout will change depending on the snow situation, but if you want to see the real coolness up close and improve your skills while experiencing it, we recommend you visit Ishiuchi Maruyama during the spring season.

Rider: Hiroki Hoshi
He performed the 5-O in a relaxed style as if admiring the night view. At night game park

In addition, "SHARE" is a spring festival event in Ishiuchi Maruyama that has been held twice so far, led by Yohei and others. This year it is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 2rd. This is an event where you can experience the culture of Minami Uonuma, so please come and visit us.

Finally, snowboarding and culture in the Minami Uonuma area are starting to attract attention again. We asked Yohei, who is standing in the center, about this.

``Ishiuchi Maruyama is located right between the Muikamachi area, which has a strong local flavor and a cool culture, and the Yuzawa area, which has a lot of tourists and has great potential due to its geographical characteristics. Lately, I think it's becoming more like a place with a mix of colors.That's why I've been working to make people who visit Ishiuchi realize that it's a great place for both snowboarding and culture. Part of that is SHARE.And in the future, more than ever, we want to create something new ourselves and send out something interesting. Yes.”

Rider: Yohei Niwano
He attacks aggressively even in the night game park. And this style. This is what makes it cool!


*Park layout will change depending on snow conditions. Please check the ski resort official website for the latest information.

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