The story of the birth of 50-year-old Kenji Ando's signature "ANDY ✕ DAYZE WARPIG" released by RIDE

On the night of October 2023, 10, people began to gather one after another at a restaurant bar in Sapporo, Hokkaido.This is the launch party where professional snowboarder Kenji Ando will release his signature board ``ANDY ✕ DAYZE WARPIG'' at the age of 6.Kenji Ando, ​​affectionately known as Andy, was born in Kyoto and is currently based in Hokkaido.He is an expert at not only snowboarding, but also skateboarding, cycling, and fishing.

The venue was ANDY'S GARAGE, a recreation of the play expert Andy's own home garage.

Signature release at age 50 is an unprecedented feat

The venue was packed with many professional snowboarders, showing Andy's popularity.On the wall are all the boards that Andy has ridden, all with their sticker tunes intact.I once again take my hat off to the depth of the path he has taken and the tremendous vitality with which he never stops walking.Ryosuke Horii, also known as DAYZE, who was in charge of Andy's board graphics, was also seen at the venue.

RIDE riders were also present at the venue.
People gathered from all over the country, including Hokkaido.

This is not the first time Kenji Ando has released a signature. Before moving to RIDE at age 39, he had released more than a dozen signature models with the domestic board brand.For that reason, creating signatures is nothing new for him, but he has a special feeling for this one.
``It's a world I've admired since I was a kid, and it's the same with skateboarding, but I've always had a dream of releasing a signature model from an American brand.I'm so happy that that dream came true.''

Many signature boards that Andy has released so far will be on display at the venue.

There is little history of Japanese riders' signature boards being distributed around the world.I wonder if there have ever been 10 people who have accomplished that.Unless your name becomes a model name, you have to be recognized internationally, and getting a signature release from a global brand is a dream come true.
“This time, it may have been because of the achievements we have made so far, and maybe the American side of RIDE put it out to be legendary.But it’s just that people all over the world like this board. I would be really happy if you could ride it.”
While many professional riders, both in Japan and overseas, have retired from the sport one after another due to age or other reasons, Andy has continued to skate with the same stance as before.It is often said that Andy's continued efforts are a strength, and it can be said that Andy's achievements have been recognized at a world level.

RIDE signature board"ANDY DAYZE WARPIG" SIZE: SMALL (148), MEDIUM (151), LARGE (154cm) PRICE: ¥93,500 (tax included) For board detailsplease use this form.

Andy's encounter with WARPIG that overturned common sense

All of Andy's signature models to date have had the same basic shape and board design.A directional twin camber board with a gentle side curve and stiff flex.He was convinced that this was the board shape that suited his style.After transferring to RIDE, Andy's first encounter with WARPIG completely changed his snowboarding life.
``When I received the WARPIG, I thought, ``What the heck is this?'' After all, sending a 159cm board to someone who usually rides a 148cm board? And it's such a thick board. I didn't even take it out of the cardboard box that was sent to me for about two months.''
He decided to test out the board because he was attending Mixed Nuts, an event that is a combination of Park and Banked.
``The vibrations coming from the board told me, ``This isn't going to float!'' So the next day, I went skiing powder at Sapporo Kokusai.As I expected, it floated in the powder, and I was able to do what I wanted to do with ease. I was surprised that they let me do it.The shape is directional, but the setting is twin, and it's flat, so I was like, ``Why?''I thought it was a victory for the engineers.As a rider, I couldn't have come up with this board.''

When Andy first encountered WARPIG eight years ago, he fell in love with the fun of this board, and now it's his main board.
At the venue, Andy's history with WARPG was on display.
Andy has taken photos and videos in various fields both domestically and internationally.

Andy and DAYZE connected here

When it came time to decide on his own signature and who to ask for the graphics, he immediately mentioned the name of Ryosuke Horii, who has created numerous works under the artist name DAYZE.
``I've always liked Ryosuke's drawings, and if there was a chance we could do something together, I would definitely want him to draw them.''
Ryosuke accepted Andy's offer immediately.He only told Andy, ``I want you to draw me in the way you feel about me,'' and left the rest to him.The resulting graphics were excellent.

The graphics drawn by Ryosuke are studded with various elements that shape Andy.

Is there anything you would like to say in closing?When I heard this, I was filled with words of gratitude to those around me.
``This board is not just about me, but I think I was able to create it because of the people I met.I had countless encounters and ended up in Hokkaido.There, I met many people again. I've come this far by gaining a lot of experience and knowledge.That's why I don't think of it as my own board, but rather the board I created with the RIDE people and friends in America and Japan, and the people who helped me grow. Also, of course I was able to do things freely because of the understanding of my family. I'm also grateful to my wife who let me be free, and I'm also very grateful to my daughter. Lastly, even though I'm such an old man, I still have a signature board. I was able to achieve this, so I want young people to aim for it as well.”

At the party, Andy's movie commemorating the release of his signature board was played.
Andy watches the movie with his family.

And this is the movie.Please check out the video work that is filled with Andy's achievements and thoughts.

さ ら に,The latest issue of this magazine FREERUN (released 10/27)Andy on the cover of.His page is also featured in this issue's special feature.I look forward to working with him in the future.Congratulations!Andy!!


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