Kazushige Fujita will hold a 1-day free riding lesson for a month!

_freeride workshop


From the end of December to January, professional snowboarder Kazushige Fujita, who is also active in HEART FILMS and HYWOD, will hold a free riding lesson at Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort based on his experience in Japan, Canada and around the world. To do.
In addition to free riding lessons, we offer a day where you can discover new fun of snowboarding, such as lunch in the mountains, photography, and experiences from all over the world.
Also, since it is held in one group a day, it can be held with contents that match the level of friends, so there is no doubt that it will be a day with more intense content.
Would you like to let us know your desired date during the event, make a plan, and make a fun day together?

I want to enjoy powder riding more.I became interested in powder from the park.What are the tips for tree runs? , For those who are worried about the basics of carving and turns, we support all levels, so please feel free to contact us!

In addition, HEART FILMS DAY !! will be held on January XNUMXth!
Takafumi Konishi also participated, and the camp will be held for XNUMX people only on this day.
A chance to see the secret stories and the latest information on the production of HEART FILMS while sliding together!
Snowboard, hot springs, and dinner! ?? Let's enjoy a day like HEART FILMS together!

Price XNUMX yen per person per day (lessons, lunch, photo fee included)
Place Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort XNUMX-day ticket XNUMX yen (hot spring, with coupon for XNUMX yen)

* The above charges are for 3 or more people.
If there is one participant, XNUMX yen per person. If there are two participants, XNUMX yen per person.
We can also consult with you about use at shops and groups, and plans with accommodation at Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba.

* Plan example
E-mail, facebook, phone to discuss schedule, plan contents, reservation completed → XNUMX:XNUMX Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort Lobby Meeting → Meeting → Riding → Lunch in the mountains → Riding → Hot spring → Dissolution → A few days later, take a photo I will deliver it.

Mail: touristforest@gmail.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kazushige.fujita.3

Click here for last year's pattern http://youtu.be/hTV3EQjjJ8c
Kazushige Fujita Official Site https://sbn.japaho.com/kazushige/
FORESTLOG http://forestlog.tumblr.com
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