Pressurized training

Recently, I've been taking pictures of samurai, going to the slopes normally, and going to the mountains most of the time, but when I have time, I went to an osteopathic clinic or chiropractic to rehabilitate my wrist to treat my wrist.

So, yesterday I came yesterday because Mr. Imura, who had been watching training at Konami Sports when I was in Hokkaido until two years ago, started Kaatsu training ~ ♪

Kaatsu training was really hardMy body feels really good ~ ↑↑↑

The wrists also move a lot more than usual, and the effect is outstanding ☆

Mr. Imura Thank you very much.

In this photo, the weather was nice about XNUMX days ago, so the whole family took a walk behind the house ~ ☆

Mirin has also grown a lot ~ ♪