Jib & Gratley optimal board "DAMAGE" _ALLIAN with exquisite strength and looseness

It is also very popular with gratri riders because of its performance suitable for rantry.

Size: 147, 150, 153, 155cm
Price: ¥ 74,800 (tax included)

DAMAGE is light and has a soft flex setting, and while adopting mid camber, it features excellent repulsion and a sense of stability.A very well-balanced board overall.For those who want to do their best in park jumps, jib and gratri lovers, this is the best one in ALLIAN's board lineup.
The nose and tail are a little thick, but the waist width is 155 cm even with a length of 24.9 cm, which is narrower than ALLIAN, so the carving edge can be cut back smoothly.The sole uses the IS7610 sintered base, which is reasonably priced and has excellent high-speed gliding performance.In other words, the finish is suitable for so-called rantry, where you play while turning at high speed.

Easy-to-use mid camber structure
It features a camber but loose specification, and it is easy to control from jump tricks that require ollies and nories to slippery tricks such as butter and grind.
Although it is a soft flex, the nose and tail have tension, and it can fully draw out repulsion.
The sole uses the IS7610 sintered base, which has high-speed gliding performance, and has a stone finish and a luxurious finish.
The design of DAMAGE is also popular every year.If you look closely, there is a glossy feeling like glitter.

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