It was a pleasant day with blue sky and white snow, but I am worried about the future weather forecast!

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful contrast between the blue sky and white snow.The best weather for everyone on the slopes!
For the Grandeco Snow Making team, the temperature has risen steadily, so I'm worried about the course conditions!And tomorrow morning, the rain forecast will come out, and I'm even more worried ...
As for the future weather forecast, it will rain on the morning of December 12 ⇒ snow forecast from the afternoon ⇒ snow forecast until next week.
The blue sky like today is the best, but I can't wait for the snow.
We will do our best to maintain the slopes, but please note that the conditions may deteriorate.
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[2016 Opening Campaign Information]
For 11 days from November 30th (Monday) to December 12th (Sunday), at the ticket counter of the local Grandeco Snow Resort, [First day slip ticket] Adults 6 yen, Master 7 yen, Elementary and junior high school students 1 yen on the day When you purchase ⇒ 
["Lift 2015-day ticket" valid from December 12, 7 (Monday) to December 2015, 12 (Thursday)] will be presented.