It snowed a little.Please enjoy the first slip.

It snowed a little from yesterday to this morning, so it was the start of fresh snow this morning.
We were planning to open the upper lift and deco land from tomorrow (December 12th), but unfortunately there is not enough snow, so please stay with us for a while.
The roads around Grandeco are covered with snow and frozen.Please come with winter equipment or use "pick-up parking".In addition, Grandeco is also offering "Sony Action Cam Free Rental" this season.Please use it.
[Course profile]
* Operating lifts and courses that can be slid are subject to change depending on the weather.
For details, please check the information on the day.
[Snow cover] XNUMX cm
[Operating lift] Gondola lift: 8:00 to 15:30.
        1st quad lift: 8:30 to 16:XNUMX.
        2nd quad lift: 9am to 15:30 pm.
[Sliding course] Course below the top of the gondola: Mint C, Lavender B, Rainbow 3500 upper part, center course (up to about 3,000 m)
[Deco Flat E Park] Drums placed horizontally, XNUMXM straight box, XNUMXM down box, XNUMXM wide box
[Access road] Freezing / snowfall * Normal tires are not available.
Winter equipment required!Alternatively, please use the pick-up parking (reservation required).

* The restaurant will be open at the gondola mountaintop "Bunabuna", the ski center "Cafeteria Dekoboko", the Hotel Grandeco Restaurant, the slopes at Takofuku, and SUN'S CAFE.
* The 3rd and 4th quad lifts at the top are waiting for snow due to lack of snow.
* Deco Land is scheduled to open on December 12, but is waiting for snow due to lack of snow. "Sledding" cannot be boarded on the gondola and each lift, but "Sledding" is on the deco land side.151218 – 4

151218 – 1


151218 – 6

151218 – 3We have a "playground".
* Please use the quad lift for skiing on "Snowmoto" and "Snowscoot".