Is there a lineup of riders in Dekodaira?Will the snowfall tonight eliminate "one more rain"?

"Snow Moto" riders are lined up in Dekodaira!A test drive event for "Snow Moto" was held today.
"Snowscoot," which is neither skiing nor snowboarding, is also available at the Grandeco Ski Center rental corner, so you can easily try it.Snowscoot rental starts from JPY 1 per day.Please try.
Come on!I'm curious about [snow cover information], but tonight's snow cover has raised the possibility of expanding the slopes.
I want you to continue to [snow] as it is.It is said that the winter type will be stronger tomorrow, and the lift may be affected by the wind, but [POWDER] I want to slip!
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151226 – 7

151226 – 4

151226 – 1