Interview with Takaharu Nakai

When I first found out that I could interview him, I came up with a lot of things to ask.But when I was wondering what I wanted to hear the most, I immediately thought that I wanted to ask about the snowboarding lifestyle after participating twice in the Olympics, the pinnacle of the snowboarding competition as a sport.

I still vividly remember the height and style of the first-hit upper deck in Salt Lake.At that point he is still a teenager.And since it's been a long time since then, I had some questions about the Olympics.And what is the next step and expression method he is aiming for now?

We would like to send you an interview with Takaharu Nakai, who was able to hear about the Olympics and how to express it in snowboarding in the future.

Relaxing smile. Good on you, bro!

Q1 What kind of season was the 2012-2013 season?

Last season was a season that moved as much as I could and burned out.I'm glad that it was a season where I could continue to slide without injury after a long time.I think the season in was around November 11th at Kurodake.Before that, I went to Europe to shoot Salomon.And I went to Tokachi for shooting in early December, and I feel that 12% of the skiing days of the season were shooting.And I go to slip overseas every year, but last season I only slipped in Hokkaido.

I often slipped with the crew of SAMURAI, but I also took pictures with a video cameraman.
At the end of the season, there was a lot of snowfall in Hokkaido, so I skated persistently until around June (laughs).

The 2013 season is the season that slipped through Hokkaido again

Q2 You have participated in the Salt Lake and the Torino Olympics twice. Looking back, what was the most memorable thing for Nakai-kun?

First of all, I felt that it was the biggest tournament I had ever played.I think it was the biggest tournament in many ways, as the number of people including the spectators gathered was the same, the scale was large, and the families came to support us.

Q3 Did you get nervous because there were a lot of spectators and camera crew in front of you before you dropped in, with no one slipping in front of you on the Olympic halfpipe?

I was nervous the day before, but when I skated the actual race, I felt like I was at another competition.It was more relaxing than that, or something like "I'll do it!"Of course, since it's the Olympics, there are pressures and responsibilities from Japanese people, but it would be a lie to say that there was none at all.

But when you were interviewed, you might be asked, "What is the color of the medal you are aiming for?" Or something like a guided cross-examination.To be honest, I definitely didn't want to say it (laughs)
That could be a pressure to say, and I didn't have to say that I knew what I was aiming for from the beginning.

Takaharu Nakai talks about the Olympics.The height of the Salt Lake upper deck surprised the world.

Q4 Of course, I think there were some good and bad points that only Nakai could understand about the result of participating in the Olympics, but was it good to participate?

Of course I'm glad I got out.I had a good experience as part of my life.

Q5 Which of the Olympics do you think Nakai-kun was good at, without the results of participating in Salt Lake and Turin?

After all, I feel that Salt Lake is more slippery on my own.Turin didn't make the final adjustments and wasn't feeling well.It was only at that time or during the Core X Games that I was able to fly so high on Salt Lake's first hit upper deck.

What is the expression of snowboarding that Takaharu Nakai is aiming for now?

Q6 You are currently active as an international rider for Salomon. Do you have any expression for snowboarding that Mr. Nakai is aiming for now?

I always want to improve the quality of slipping.Sometimes I want to be able to do tricks that I can't do, but I want to improve the quality of the tricks I can do now.It feels like slipping while controlling more so that you can do what you can do with 10% power now with 6%.

The rest is the "place" of expression.In the old days, there was a place where I wanted you to leave a photo and see your own slip.amazing!I want you to think.But now, unlike now, I always want to create a "place" of expression that makes people see where I'm slipping and sympathize with them, and make them think "I want to snowboard."So, first of all, I would like to launch a site that can be expressed by the end of this year.

His riding can be seen on Stonp or Die 2

Q7 Can you tell me which gear you are using now?

SNOWBOARD uses a model called ASSASSIN.To put it simply, it's a powder board, but it's a twin-tip shape.Not only is the powder slippery, but it is also easy to move in freestyle by applying it to butter or mash.The nose and tail are the same thickness, the flex is the same, and it has buoyancy, and it has a structure that looks like a rocker when you step on it, so I think that it is the best one for people like me who like the ride quality of camber.

BINDING uses DISTRICT.This is a push.The heel cup is not as rigid as it is, but is connected by a wire, so it feels like the ankle strap and the heel cup wire are connected at 360 degrees to tighten the ankle.Therefore, there is no pain in the ankle, and since it is soft, it moves smoothly, but since the high back stays from the base plate, it can handle high speed and power input.This is in very good shape.

BOOTS uses SYNAPSE and F4.0 which can be tightened with one newly released wire depending on the condition.Salomon boots have a really nice fit, less fatigue and are very helpful during the season.

As an international rider, he is closely involved in the product, including the design of the board.

Q8 Please tell us about your activities and thoughts as a REVOLT brand.

As a rider, I don't have to say "I don't want to do this" or "I don't want to do this", so I control it myself.Of course I am good at snowboarding, but I am doing it with a stance of "let's make good things" with friends who have been close and skated together.

Riders do various things such as designing goggles and selecting the type of lens that matches the frame.All riders who want to design with riders can also design.I think that is more of a feeling, and I think I can confidently recommend it to others.

floating and smooth. somewhere @ Hokkaido

Q9 Is there anything you would like to convey to the snowboarders at the end?

This may be just me, but I feel that the image of snowboarders = young people is still strong.Isn't it fun just to skate the no-track powder without having to skate in the backcountry and skate in dangerous places?Snowboarding has endless fun, so I hope that various people can enjoy it regardless of category with everyone.
Also, I would like to send out a part of snowboarding so that everyone can feel that way.

Takaharu Nakai clearly sees the next step because he has experienced the Olympics twice and arrived there.Snowboarding as a competition, and snowboarding where you can enjoy endless fun regardless of category.For him, it was snowboarding itself, which made no difference between them, and it was an interview that he felt that he could send new expressions to Japan and the world.


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