Interview with Miyabi Onitsuka

Miyabi Onitsuka has dramatically improved the level for several seasons.Isn't it the No. 1 rider at the moment as a Japanese rider who can compete on the same stage as the international TOP rider?Moreover, as a high school student, I spend my days snowboarding while balancing my studies.I had many opportunities to meet at ski resorts and competitions from before, but this time I was able to calmly conduct an interview.

(Interview was conducted before 2014 BURTON HIGH FIVES)

XNUMX) I think you were busy with overseas battles last year, but how about finishing it?

The US OPEN after the Sochi Olympics was particularly impressive to me. It's the first time that the US OPEN has remained in the US OPEN final with 6 Stars, and the members around the final were all amazing riders.As a result, I wasn't satisfied with my slip, but I was able to get XNUMXth place.Also, I was able to win XNUMXnd place at EURO OPEN, so was it a good season as a result?I think.

XNUMX) Do you think there is a difference in ability compared to the members who will remain in the finals of big overseas tournaments?

I feel that it is a little more.Right now, Jaime Anderson is by far the best, and I get the impression that about 10 riders in the world are lined up underneath.Every time I compete in a tournament, I feel that I am among those 10 people.

Even as of 2012, it was approaching the top riders at a considerable level
Even as of 2012, it was approaching the top riders at a considerable level

XNUMX)I think the level of Womens riders has improved significantly over the last few years, but what do you think you have to improve the most right now?

Right now, I'm focusing on acquiring new skills and a sense of stability in the sense that I won't fall.The technique is practicing to increase the flat spin rotation speed, and practicing in two directions of 900.Actually, I have already made the Cab Double cork 2 with a good probability.

Photo courtesy of BURTON

15) It is difficult for overseas riders to wear wear, but I think that a fairly solid system is an advantage, but at the age of XNUMX at the stage of growth, in terms of physical strength, it is better for overseas riders. Do you think it's a disadvantage?

In fact, in the three months since April, everyone I meet says, "It's become a good system with muscles" (laughs).
I also do muscle training, so I feel that I've gained weight together, and it's definitely appearing in riding.


XNUMX) Is there a snowboarding style you are aiming for?

I think it's important to put out a style, but the goal is to win the tournament first.So I think we need some tricks to win.Also, I am always careful about my physical condition.Actually, I do radio calisthenics every morning.
I always do it before the tournament, and I also do it in front of the audience, so it may look strange (laughs).
The riders during the tournament are pretending not to see it.Radio calisthenics has been going on since the year before last.
During this time, I was doing radio calisthenics alone in a place with small children, and when I suddenly turned around, many children imitated my radio calisthenics behind me (laughs).

XNUMX) I think I was seriously injured last season.

I agree.I broke my clavicle and left wrist.However, when I broke my left wrist, I participated in the World Cup a week later.I was working hard to get the right to participate in the Olympics, but the injury in that situation was honestly painful.

Photo courtesy of BURTON
Photo courtesy of BURTON

XNUMX) I think there are many overseas battles, but are there any ski resorts or countries that left an impression on you?

It's Chile.In Chile, the park was ok, but you can do free runs in a huge area.I was impressed by its size and it was a lot of fun.In Chile, I was able to win three tournaments, including World Rookie, so I was impressed in that sense as well.
I also love the Colorado area because it has a resort atmosphere and a wonderful park.

XNUMX) Do you find it difficult to live abroad?

It is difficult to transfer trains overseas, studying while staying abroad, and English is difficult.However, there is no problem in contacting Japanese families because there is Apple's iPad mini.I bring Japanese food as much as I can.While participating in overseas tournaments, I often spend time with my friends Silvia Muttermüller, Christine Izzy and Chloe Kim, so I can enjoy myself even in difficult times.

XNUMX) I think you've been sponsored by Burton Snowboards since you were XNUMX years old. What gear do you use?

I use Scout for snowboarding, but the kicker's landing is very easy.This board is much easier to ride now.The flex is about middle flex, and I use about 149 cm.The boots are Supreme.If you enjoy the fit and support of these boots, you will think that you cannot wear other boots.I have been using Lexa for many years as a binding.
The wear is also BURTON, but it has good functionality and layering is well thought out, so it is one of the reasons why I like it to be warm, easy to move, fashionable and cute.
I think the quality of BURTON's gear is really good, and above all, the people at the US headquarters and BURTON in Japan are all good people!

Photo courtesy of BURTON
Photo courtesy of BURTON

12) In December of last yearNippon Ski Resort Dev Co., Ltd.You announced a sponsorship agreement with (NSD), but what ski resort do you really like?

I enjoyed Kashima Yari and Happoone Ski Resort.There are many walls and slopes, and the terrain is very interesting.You can enjoy skiing in a variety of terrain that is not so common in Japan.I also like the atmosphere of Hakuba so I think I will go there again this season.

At Nippon Ski Resort Dev Co., Ltd. (NSD)
At Nippon Ski Resort Dev Co., Ltd. (NSD)

XNUMX) What are your plans for this season?

I would like to participate in BURTON HIGH FIVES, Dew Tour, World Championship, Euro OPEN, US OPEN in September.I would like to participate in the All Japan Championship in Japan.In the meantime, I returned to Japan and went to school.I aim to be compatible with studying as much as possible.
I want to do everything I can at the end of this season and smile!

Photo courtesy of BURTON (Phil Ericson)
Photo courtesy of BURTON (Phil Ericson)

After this interview, Miyabi Onitsuka finished second in BURTON HIGH FIVES.
I look forward to her continued success in the future.

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