If you want to ski down Nekoma Mountain in spring, don't miss out now!

This season, the former Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai and the former Nekoma Ski Resort are connected by a connecting lift, making Nekoma Mountain one of the largest ski resorts in Japan and gaining popularity. If you haven't gone yet, now is your chance. For a while, there was a gradual lack of snow due to the warm winter, but since the beginning of March we have been blessed with snowfall, creating perfect conditions for comfortable riding.
Zunai 1 and Zunai 2 are now open in the south area where you can enjoy comfortable long runs. There will also be a first ride. Enjoy carving turns in a comfortable barn!

How to enjoy Nekoma Mountain the FREERUN way!!

Because Nekoma Mountain is such a vast mountain, if you're going to go skiing at the base area of ​​Nekoma Mountain, it's a good idea to prepare a little so you don't have to worry about where to go!
In the December issue of FREERUN, Fukushima locals Futa Antachi and professional professional Hiroki Matsuura introduce the charm and expectations of Nekoma Mountain as told by Fukushima locals. Is it the most fun? ? It explains the tips well. (here(You can check the article from) Please read it for reference!!
In the upper part of the south area, the Peak/Juhyo area, the snow quality is even higher and you can enjoy the spectacular view!!
After enjoying a long run on Zunai 1 and Zunai 2 from Arutsu Express, we headed to the upper area of ​​the south area. If you transfer from Arutsu Express to Black Valley Express, you can enjoy even better snow quality at the "Peak Juhyo Area". Just because it's in the upper area doesn't mean it's all difficult courses; there are courses that even beginners can ski. And this area is also full of hidden gems. Peak 1, which is a 3-minute walk from Frozen 5 to the top of Peak 2, is a little-known spot with the best view! Be sure to give it a try!

Go to the snow park in the north area!!
After fully enjoying the south area first thing in the morning, the next step is to take the connecting lift “Nyarutsu Chair” to the north area.
The park in the north area has been renovated and is even more enriched.
Two 12m → 11m kickers and a middle lane 2m → 5m kicker will also be installed, and a terrain park will appear at the bottom of Deep 6.
The park layout ishereCheck it out!!

The date for the banked slalom has finally been decided!!
Banked slalom has become very popular in recent years. At Nekoma Mountain, a banked slalom course is scheduled to be permanently installed in the north area, and "NEKOMA banked slalom", which is becoming more and more popular every year, will be held from April 4th (Saturday) to April 6th (Sunday)!!
▶︎6th (Sat) Snowboarding for adults
▶︎Snowboarding for elementary school students and younger and skiing exhibition scheduled for the 7th (Sunday)
Details and how to apply will be released soon.herecheck!!


In the north area, you can enjoy nice snow with an early start from March 3th!!
In the north area, where you can enjoy good snow, in response to requests from snowboarders who want to enjoy good snow quality, the opening hours will be earlier from March 3th, with lifts opening earlier from 25:5 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and from 55:7 on weekdays. will start operating, so you can enjoy plenty of riding in better conditions early in the morning.
First thing in the morning, let's enjoy cruising under good snow conditions!

Purchase a spring limited season ticket and enjoy Nekoma Mountain until the end of the season!
Conditions are currently good in the south area, and the season in the north area will continue for a long time. If you want to enjoy Nekoma's Mountain this spring, we recommend the ``Spring Limited Season Ticket''. Available until the end of the season, you can purchase it at a great price.
Amount: Adults / 25,000 yen, Junior and senior high school students / 17,000 yen, Elementary school students / 16,000 yen, 20-23 years old / 12,800 yen, 24-29 years old / 22,800 yen
Purchase at the Nekoma Mountain lift ticket counter.

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