If you like spherical lenses, try ELECTRIC EG2-T!

Frame Color: REAL TREE
Price: ¥ 26,400 including tax * Dimming is ¥ 36,300 including tax

EG2-T equipped with an egg-shaped TORIC lens.Until the previous year, it was called EGG, but it is a changed model.The feature is that the lens has a spherical shape as a whole, but only the center part has a shape close to flat.It ensures a wide field of view while reducing the distortion of the field of view to the utmost limit.Even if you don't actually wear it and go to the snowy mountains, you can see that there is no distortion by letting your hand appear on the lens at the shop.Also, let's add that some models are equipped with a photochromic lens. If you're looking for spherical lens goggles on ELECTRIC, EG2-T is your choice.

TORIC lens
The lens is spherical as a whole, but the center part has a shape close to flat.This will bring the center of the lens closer to your eyes and give you a wider field of view.It is also hard to cloud.Anyway, I want people who want a wide field of view to try it.

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